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Educational Consultants..The Case for More Teachers

We’ve all been there. An educational consultant comes into your school for professional learning and all you get is a glorified PowerPoint Presentation full of strategies you’ve already used that don’t work. You leave the meeting angry that once again forty-five minutes of your time was wasted just to garble up a bunch of acronyms. [...]

For the Teachers Who Don't Support Other Teachers

Every week in my inbox, I receive emails from teachers who are teetering on the edge of total breakdowns. Sometimes they're stressed about their evaluations while other times they are stressed about the ever increasing workload being put on them, but more times than not, they're in virtual tears because they cannot feed their families. Sometimes [...]

Empowering Yourself as an Expert

“Empowering teachers as experts” is the mission statement of The Educators Room. It is a powerful statement, but only true if we believe in ourselves as teachers. Many of us are made to feel like we are glorified babysitters, and we are belittled when we try to say what we feel, and when we hear [...]

#SATCHAT’s Coalition of the Willing Should Be in Teacher Ed Programs

Rather than sleep in, hundreds of educators spend Saturday mornings (7:30 EST) tweeting away on Twitter in discussions with other educators worldwide about current issues in education. The hashtag #satchat takes educators to the discussion selected for that morning. The topics are usually posted by one of the coordinators so that educators can prepare in advance for [...]

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