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From STEM, Let’s Pivot to the BRANCHES of the Humanities

There is no doubt that the neglect of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics - better known as STEM in educational circles - has come at our own peril. Our students' achievement in mathematics is surely not where other Americans expect it to be, and the comfort of anyone saying "I hate math" is embarrassing. As [...]

When Teaching Middle Schoolers: The Most Asked Question is, “Are You Insane?”

“Oh, bless your heart!” “Do you enjoy torture and insane little heathens?” “You'd have to be crazy to teach that age group!”  These are the questions other teachers ask me when they find out I actually enjoy teaching middle school. Those responses are what I usually hear when I tell people of my occupation, along with [...]

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TED Talks All Students Should See

I have lost many hours to the "suggested for you" videos listed on the right side of ted.com. There are times that I believe that their algorithm is broken . . . Really? Do you think I would be interested in "How I became part sea urchin"? More often, however, they nail it. Why, yes, [...]

Reading Groups, A Valuable Tool

As teachers, we are always trying to get our students to read more. Reading is important in helping our students grow as critical thinkers and expanding their view of the world around them. However, at times, it can be difficult for students to choose their own books.  Some students struggle to get into any book [...]

Digging Into Learning: Using Archaeology in the Classroom

There are some subjects that fascinate us. Archaeology is one such subject. Archaeology can take us to Egypt and the tombs of the Pharaohs, or unravel the mysteries in our own backyards. Many people go through an archaeology phase, though few become archaeologists. Plus, everyone likes digging in the dirt. The Society for American Archaeology [...]

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