Is School Boring? A Closer Look Into A Problem That Plagues Most Schools

I never found school boring when I was in high school. Challenging and frustrating? Yes, but never boring. So it always comes as a bit of a shock to me when students tell me how boring they find their high school classes today. The interesting thing about boring, of course, is that boring tends to [...]

Let’s talk about Testing Anxiety in Children

I can still remember how I felt as I looked at the tears falling from one of my brightest students as she sat in her assigned seat for the Georgia Milestones Assessment last spring. Because I was mandated to sign my life away on a form acknowledging the serious nature of standardized testing, all I [...]

Vote for the Voteless: Off-Year Elections Do Matter

When I was in fourth grade, my class participated in the Center for Civic Education’s Project Citizen Program. Groups of students “identify a public policy problem in their community. They then research the problem, evaluate alternative solutions, develop their own solution in the form of a public policy, and create a political action plan to [...]

Is Teaching Even About Teaching Anymore?

“Teaching isn’t even about teaching anymore.” When these words flowed from my fellow coworker’s mouth, I felt my heart skip a beat.  She was absolutely right.  Although I’m still considered a newbie in this game called teaching, I knew exactly what she was talking about.  Teaching Has Become a Business From my limited view, I [...]

Opinion: Why Teachers Shouldn’t Write Curriculum

The word “curriculum,” as it pertains to education, can include everything from the materials used to teach our students to the planned learning experiences. If we think of the Common Core standards as the academic destination for our students (the “what” we want them to know and be able to do), our curriculum is the [...]