Making Sense of Special Education Paperwork: 3 Systems That Save Me Each and Every Time

I took a new position this year, one where the teaching I've been doing is the same, but the paperwork is not, I am a special education teacher in a resource room for kindergarten through third grade. For those of you are new to the special education area (like me) and are literally wallowing in [...]

Sexual Violence on College Campuses and Title IX Rollbacks

On September 22nd, Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, announced new and temporary guidelines regarding how schools should be handling sexual violence on college campuses. The changes are concerned directly with how individuals are found guilty of sexual misconduct.  While DeVos stated that "We can't go back to the days when allegations were swept under the [...]

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TEACHING RESPECT: Removing Creativity Hinders Respect for Teachers

Lack of respect is something that I've discussed with many of my fellow educators, as it has seemingly run rampant in recent years.  The product of our discussions usually center around our love for teaching, but also, we discuss how difficult it has become to maintain in an environment where we do not feel respected [...]

Science is Under Attack

Most educated individuals can agree that science and science education is of the utmost importance to our children and our future. The state of Florida does not see things quite the same way as evident by a recent law that allows ANY individual to challenge what is being taught in science class.  To make a [...]