A 3M Philosophy to Be A Great Teacher: Be Meaningful, Measurable, Manageable,

Guest Writer: Archie Wortham, PhD “Never fight unless you have to. Never fight alone. And never fight for long.” This was advice Fox Connor, best remembered as the man who made Eisenhower. Having taught for most of my adult life, I wondered what makes a good teacher. Having served in the military for 20 years, [...]

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Staying Engaged and Motivated Around the Holidays

As teachers, we often talk about ways to keep our students engaged and motivated during the holiday season. With lengthy breaks just around the corner, it can be easy for them to lose steam. But what about for us as teachers? The reality is that teachers, just as much as students, look forward to time off. [...]

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Teaching Freshman Students How to Filter Themselves

The Freshman Filter Teaching freshmen students can be a very strange challenge at times. When I started teaching, I remembered that freshman year was one of the changes. I’ll be honest; one of the things that made me want to teach middle school or freshman in high school was the way students in this age [...]

Response To Intervention: One Teacher’s Story

A decade ago, I was the first classroom teacher at my elementary school to complete a round of RTI.  The counselor, principal and I went into the process with confusion, determined to get a struggling third-grade student the help she needed.  Since those early RTI days, I’ve provided tier II and III interventions and watched [...]

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