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Mentoring: It’s Time To Rethink Para-Educators

Mentoring. Recently,  several articles have appeared suggested mentoring may be a way to help with the academic loss that educators are calling the “covid slide”. That’s abuzz too, and for good reason. But I’m just as concerned, if not more so, about Natasha, who even in class is so incredibly shy that she can barely [...]

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Check on your Immigrant Teacher Friends, We’re Not Ok!

A question that I’m asked every morning by colleagues almost instinctively is “how you doing?” and without giving the question much thought, I always respond with “I’m good!” I know this is a superficial response but that question is a loaded one, and as teachers, we know that we’re all struggling right now. It is [...]

Remote Elementary Teaching Sucks. Get Over It and Prepare for Survival

This remote teaching thing sucks, but I realize it’s not about me. What am I going to do about it? I have no magic wand to wave to make COVID go away or to have students do school the way they should be able to without all the social distancing and with all the snack-sharing, [...]

So, How Is [COVID] School Going?

I have fielded this question from family, friends, and neighbors. It is a simple question. I have been teaching social studies for over twenty-five years, so I should offer a concise answer. However, the question makes me stammer and equivocate.   I find myself thinking and sometimes saying the following: "It's weird." "I hate every minute [...]

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