opening night - 5 october 2014

Every teacher can probably identify some practices that keep them from maximizing their full potential. For me, I was tired of teachers not being treated as the professionals in education- so I started The Educator’s Room. However, what if your problem is deeper? What if you’re up late at night trying to find solutions for the persistent issues in your classroom or teaching career? Do you spend hours on the internet looking for resources you can use immediately in the classroom?  Are you up at night googling researching and just haphazardly pulling information to try and make things make sense? Are you frustrated to the point of no return?**raises hand**

**raises hand**

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For the past three years, we’ve been diligent in providing research-based observations from our website, The Educator’s Room. However, each day we receive requests for more.  We gradually realized that with so much focused on student’s and their growth, that teachers are left behind and the whole teacher is never addressed.

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What’s the whole teacher concept you may ask? It’s simple..

The whole teacher approach to supporting educators is defined by policies, practices, and relationships that ensure each teachers, in each school, in each community, is mentally healthy, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged. It engages all stakeholders— fellow educators, parents, policymakers, and community members—in defying the “percentage proficient” culture of too many school reform efforts, to focus on making sure the whole teacher is supported, valued, and engaged in their work of educating students. 

This whole teacher viewpoint leads us to offer focus sessions with our audience and ultimately we decided to answer your call to The Educator’s Room Learning Academy.

What is this learning academy about? 

The Educator’s Room Learning Academy is a 12-month learning community structured to help give teachers REAL solutions to REAL problems they face in the classroom. Each month teachers will receive not only quality, peer-reviewed resources but also strategies to minimize your problems. This one-year program is designed to give you solutions in a structured way so you will not become overwhelmed with so much being given to you at once.

Every month will have a focus and based on that focus teachers will have members-only videos, podcasts, e-books, PDFs, articles, and other resources. While new content is added monthly, members have the ability to print off what they need to make it through the week.

What do I get?

With each new subscription, you will get the following:

-research-based solutions based on the monthly theme. These solutions will be emailed to all participants on Friday evening in PDF format.  

-access to printable teaching resources, forms, and templates to save you time for solving your teacher problems.

-access to our members-only podcast for you to access immediately. 

-access to our members-only videos pertaining to the monthly focus. 

-access to our members-only Facebook group just for you guys. You will have access to all of the TER writers, where you can ask questions and get even more support. 

**Bonus Materials: e-copies of any new e-book released through The Educator’s Room.

All of this content has the stamp of approval of the teachers who write for The Educator’s Room and we’ve made sure that we’ve only included what we know to work in our classrooms.

How Does This Service Work?

Think about your student who starts school in the middle of the week? They’re already behind on assignments, expectations and many spend their time the entire semester trying to play “catch up”. That’s why we only allow registration twice a year- July and January.

Once enrolled, teachers will receive an email by 8 PM EST full of resources (e-books, PDFs, Private Podcasts, videos, research, etc.) that fit the theme of the month. These resources cannot be found on the Internet- they are custom made for teachers in The Learning Academy.

Most of the emails will include printable resources (PDFs, research, etc.) that have been tailored to help teachers get through the theme of the month. If you don’t want to print off the resources, you can easily view the resources in not only our online digital library but all materials will also be available on Google Drive for participants.  (Note: There are Android and iPhone apps to make viewing your documents easier.)

In addition to the resources, all participants will be added to our private Facebook community that will help them as they have questions, need advice, or just need the security of support from other fellow teachers.

We open enrollment only twice a year- in July and in January. To join our mailing list, click here. 

Here’s What Teachers are Saying!

” I love that the group of teachers is small and I feel comfortable in asking questions.”

A.K. (5th Grade Teacher)

“Thank you for providing a service that’s clear and concrete. I’m impressed that a teacher like me made this and you can tell in the weekly activities I get in my inbox!”

B.K. (10th Grade Teacher)

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