The Hidden Secret to Success With Instructional Coaching

By Terri Froiland   In my six years as an instructional coach, I have been fortunate to have been given a great deal of professional development in a variety of coaching models, from invitational coaching to transformational coaching.  As I have been trained in various models, I have worked hard to adapt and learn the new [...]

Instructional Coaching: Finding Your Purpose

You clear your throat. "Today we're going to learn how to monitor data in our classrooms.." You look around the room and 20 pairs of eyes are looking at you waiting for you to finish your sentence. "..and how to increase student achievement at our school." As you turn around to grab your handouts you [...]

The Problem in Urban Schools- Stop Teaching to the Test

"I mean even though I taught all of the standards last semester, but I don't feel like my kids learned anything!" These were the words one of the teachers who I support as an Instructional Coach said to me  as we sat in her classroom after school discussed all things teaching and learning. This wasn't [...]

Adventures in Coaching: Sometimes You Just Have to Teach

picture courtesy Last week I had the humbling experience of comforting a teacher after a bad evaluation from an administrator. As the teacher cried and "defended" their actions in class,  it reminded me just how personal teaching really is for educators. Many times after (and before) any evaluation  teachers young and old [...]

Adventures in Coaching- Learning When to Shut Up

Working as an Instructional Coach is a delicate balance of learning how to balance being a coach who frequently talks teachers "off the ledge" and not losing your teaching credibility.  On one hand you’re still a teacher because many times  you find yourself in classrooms helping a teacher with a particular lesson, but  other times [...]