Are you obsessed with bettering your craft? Do you constantly think of ways to show your expertise? If so, then The Educator’s Room is the only education website you need on your electronic device.

The Educator’s Room is dedicated to improving education by recognizing that the real experts, classroom teachers, are needed at the table of educational reform.

Our Vision

Our vision is a world where politicians, parents and the general public recognize that teachers are an integral part of the educational reform and their opinion is desperately needed. Therefore in this new world teachers should be empowered as experts in education. This new world will be a place where students are actually able to learn and not be held hostage by initiatives and standardized testing. Parents and educators will be able to work hand in hand to empower real reform without politicians interfering in the learning process.

Through this site we will:

1. Publish articles on instruction curriculum, educational policy, classroom management written by actual teachers;
2. Publish books that show the human side of teaching while breaking to light important issues that all educators go through;
3. Provide educator access to products they care about;
4. Produce an annual conference developed by teachers;
5. Host regional and national events that help to empower educators on issues in education;

6. Deliver professional learning to fellow teachers that are not only on time but relevant for what’s happening in their classroom.

How We Do It

We fully understand that our educators are experts, but the problem is that the general public needs to recognize that for this change to occur. We pursue our mission of empowering teachers through two primary activities:

1. Producing The Educator’s Room and our related social media platforms to inspire, inform and have a dialogue with thousands of educators around the world;
2. Collaborate with teachers to produce quality content via the internet and events.

Our Founder

For fifteen years, I taught high school English/Language Arts in inner-city children in both Memphis and Atlanta. During my time in the classroom, I managed to accumulate numerous teaching awards and always felt like my purpose in life was to work with the kids that many people forget-inner city children. In 2012 right after being voted Teacher of the Year, I was told that my district was going through a reduction in force and that I would have to reapply for my job. The day after  I interviewed for my position, I started this blog to release some of the anger  I felt around the profession.  This blog has breathed new life into my professional life and has allowed me to pursue some opportunities outside of the classroom. Right now I work as a Literacy Coach in the metro Atlanta area and I love my job.

I can remember being in the classroom constantly thinking that we (teachers) are the real experts in education. I worked with so many people who possessed so much knowledge of their craft that I was amazed that they struggled for respect-whether it was in the form of their compensation or just their opinion on issues in education. When I started this blog, I told everyone about my idea, but many people didn’t believe that anyone would ever listen to just some “teachers”. Armed with my beliefs, I was able to recruit some fellow educators from across the country to write about all topics in education. Three years later, we have over 30 teachers on staff writing about their expertise in the classroom.

In those eight years, we’ve had some incredible “highs”- we’ve published four books,  been featured in both The Huffington Post and The Washington Post, we’ve created numerous podcasts for teachers, we’ve produced the widely successful conference, The Teacher Self-Care Conference and so on.  With this site, I hope to create what I know exists- a community of educators that support one another with the common belief that they are the experts in education.

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