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Podcast Review: Nice White Parents

Since teachers listen to plenty of podcasts, we are going to start to review them. One of our firsts is Nice White Parents from the New York Times. Judging a podcast by its cover, the title certainly produces both evocative and provocative responses. All teachers and schools most certainly want to work with "nice parents" [...]

Staying Within Law: Special Education Teachers and IDEA

Although it’s been a rough start to the 20-2021 school year for most school districts in the United States, school districts are still required to meet the service needs of their special education students. Under IDEA, the Bible for Special Services, also known as the Individuals with Disabilities Act, denotes in detail what our special [...]

How School Boards Became the Most Important People You Never Voted For

There's a number I can't get out of my head: 20%. As folks affix their Trump and Biden signs in their yards and argue precipitously over politics with their neighbors, claiming how this is the "most important election of their lives" and how the other guy will "ruin America," I'm still thinking about that number. [...]

Bitmoji Classrooms Are the Rage…Here’s Some of the Best Ones We’ve Found

As educators across the country struggle with the lack of response from our country's top leadership around COVID-19, many of them have taken up hobbies to further connect them to their classrooms. Enter Bitmoji Classrooms, the new craze where educators make virtual classrooms to not only deliver content but to engage students through hyperlinks to [...]

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DON’T BE FOOLED: The Fall Will Be Difficult, But Teachers Were Demoralized Long Before COVID-19

Yes, the next few months of American education might well go down as the most challenging time in the careers of most classroom teachers. But the waves of change instigated by the Coronavirus crisis should not obscure the real story of American education. It is this story that policy-makers and parents should heed. While the [...]

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