How to Prepare for Your Best Year Yet (Self-Care Edition)

As I walk in Target (for no reason at all) to mindlessly scroll the candles, I am stopped in my tracks. I can’t believe what I’m seeing! The colorful, seasonal display for Back to school is set up. All I can do is shake my head at the reality that summer is ending (particularly here [...]

Discussing LGBTQIA+ issues in the classroom isn’t pushing a “gay agenda”

Right in the middle of teaching an important and empowering 6th-grade social issues unit, I had an unexpected visit from my principal. I was told that a complaint was received about me through my school’s anonymous tip line. The complaint suggested I shouldn’t be discussing LGBTQIA+ issues in the classroom. As we all know, you’re [...]

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Nipsey Hussle’s STEMulus Package

He was different. From the beginning, his mindset wasn't on diamonds, cars, and clout. He was more focused on the condition of his people. When interviewed as a young up and coming artist, he made it shockingly clear that he was not like other hip-hop artists. His first ever interview, in 2006 with Davey D, [...]

Teaching With Minecraft EDU

I’m one of those crazies that actually enjoy professional development workshops, at least the ones that we don’t have to do every single year like blood-borne pathogens and diabetes.  Recently, I had the opportunity to attend the best professional development: Minecraft EDU. This session was based on the popular game Minecraft but with an educational [...]

Three Life Lessons for Young Americans on Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s 86th Birthday

Happy 86th Birthday to Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Justice Ginsburg stands at the intersection of American culture because of the power of her journey, the enormity of her achievements, and the undeniably quintessential American character she exudes. However, pop culture often rides the fast lane towards trivialization.   She has become, of course, [...]

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