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Transition Time: Finding the Right School Fit Over Summer

Summer means leaving a school for greener pastures for many educators, but how is one to know if the new school is going to be better? Here’s a brief checklist I’ve used during interviews in years past to figure out whether a school is a possible home or a major flop: 1. Outlook and attitude [...]

The Unemployed Teacher: Life After High School

--an installment in the ongoing series The Unemployed Teacher-- I enjoyed a two hour coffee get together with one of my former students the other day.  I was so energized after that meeting – and as I reflected on how proud I was of the path my student had followed after graduating from high school, [...]

High Schools Need Dr. Seuss Time

Normally March 2nd would pass without notice but this year I am embracing the 109th birthday celebration of Dr. Seuss in my high school classroom. Seuss is ageless and timeless. Many elementary school teachers and children's librarians have embraced Read Across America's promotion of "grab your hat and read with the cat"  but high schools [...]

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