Public schools are a cornerstone of our communities, and help to shore up our society as a whole. Public Schools Week 2019 (March 25th to 29th) is seeking to spread that love and say it proudly.. Read more here...

He was different. From the beginning, his mindset wasn’t on diamonds, cars, and clout. He was more focused on the condition of his people. When interviewed as a young up and coming artist, he made it shockingly clear that he was not like other hip-hop artists. His first ever interview, in 2006 with Davey D, said it all. He was wise beyond his years, and we would all be witness to him putting his words into action.. .…. Read more here.

Public Enemy’s song, “Fight the Power,” was a call to action in the late 1980s for African-American communities (and beyond) to get more political and take a stand against the “powers that be.” When one looks at our history as a nation, there are many examples of various groups uniting and rising up against powers that were obstacles to growth and progress. To read more, click here.

I know the title is a heavy one, but it’s a thought I’ve had since I started in this profession. I am in an abusive relationship with teaching. I know this isn’t everyone’s story. I see teachers all over Instagram discussing the love and dedication they have for their schools. …..Read more.



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