This year, I started locking my door during my plan period. The stress and exhaustion of being a theatre teacher is starting to get to me more than before. I have four preps, teach a variance, and direct the shows after school. I need that time to be quiet. .. Read more here...

Download our May Teacher Self-Care Calendar. .. .…. Read more here.

Public Enemy’s song, “Fight the Power,” was a call to action in the late 1980s for African-American communities (and beyond) to get more political and take a stand against the “powers that be.” When one looks at our history as a nation, there are many examples of various groups uniting and rising up against powers that were obstacles to growth and progress. To read more, click here.

I know the title is a heavy one, but it’s a thought I’ve had since I started in this profession. I am in an abusive relationship with teaching. I know this isn’t everyone’s story. I see teachers all over Instagram discussing the love and dedication they have for their schools. …..Read more.



The Teacher Wage Penalty

May 7th, 2019|1 Comment

In 1991, I graduated at the top of my high school class.  I could have majored in a myriad of topics. I chose the teaching profession.  First in my nuclear family to graduate high school [...]

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