Last year I revisited James Baldwin’s “A Talk to Teachers” before starting the school year. I encouraged myself and other teachers committed to social justice to “go for broke.” I did lots of work I felt proud of in our classroom last year, working with our 5th graders to understand, analyze, and combat racism. Read more here...

Over the past five years, I have built my classroom library from just 104 books to over 1100 high-interest young adult literature spanning from realistic fiction to nonfiction to fantasy & sci-fi to historical fiction…. Read more here.

I love being a teacher.  I know it is my calling. It can be frustrating when you know what you need to be a successful teacher, but you receive something else.  Here are a few things teachers get, versus what they really need. What teachers get:  No professional development choice. To read more, click here.

As young Americans start back to school, it is a good time to note that most Americans are largely ignorant—ignorant of their heritage, ignorant of their Constitution, ignorant of what actually “unites” the United States of America…Read more.



When Tariffs Impact Schools

October 19th, 2018|0 Comments

"Is the faculty meeting in the cafeteria, or the auditorium?" I ask two of my colleagues, who both give me smiles filled with bemusement. "We don't have an auditorium," comes the reply followed by a [...]

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