As a teacher listening to calls to defund the police, my first reaction is to shrug and revel that someone else is feeling the misery of being expendable at budget time.  Why should I suffer alone?  That is a short-sighted view of the movement to defund the police. Read more here...

I have always known my place as a white educator – and that place is one of constant growth, reflection, and education. When I was in my teacher prep program, I knew I wanted to teach in a high needs school. ..…. Read more here.

I remember my first year teaching….I was having difficulty with a few of my 6th-grade students. They were male and Hispanic. I wasn’t sure what the gap was but they ignored me when I spoke, they made rude comments and made it quite clear they weren’t going to do anything that I asked (including their homework). To read more, click here.

In “Do the Work: A Conversation Around Anti-Racist Teaching In K-12 Schools” a one-night town hall that begins Friday, June 19, Warren will talk with black teachers, activists, thought leaders, and more about this moment, and what steps are needed to move forward in education…Read more.



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This Year Will Be a Lost School Year

August 5th, 2020|0 Comments

Everyone is anxious about the upcoming school year.  Parents need and want their kids in school.  Teachers miss the personal interactions that define teaching.  Truth be told, I think everyone misses the structure and security [...]

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