When teachers have administrative support that’s an ideal teaching situation, but the reality is that too often administrative support is not available. Thus, new teachers have the biggest problems and often leave the profession because of support of this.. .. Read more here...

There was a time (I suppose we’re still in it) when an endless stream of “trauma-informed” initiatives passed through my Facebook feed, e-mail inbox, and classroom. A lot of these offered some variation of mindfulness training for teachers or students..…. Read more here.

In each profession, there are people who rise to high visibility and prominence. There is an aspect of these people’s personalities and abilities that captivate others. The more people are captivated, the more they continue to rise…but should they? They say fake it until you make it, and some are still faking it, taking others along for the ride  To read more, click here.

I know the title is a heavy one, but it’s a thought I’ve had since I started in this profession. I am in an abusive relationship with teaching. I know this isn’t everyone’s story. I see teachers all over Instagram discussing the love and dedication they have for their schools. …..Read more.



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A Valentine to a Teacher

February 14th, 2020|0 Comments

by Sarah Macha                 February 14th is a day of dread for most teachers. Kids are high on candy, hormones and rival the vibrato of wolves during a full moon. Helium balloons bounce around, red and pink [...]

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