A Student-Curated Reading List to Combat Learning Loss

With the holidays just around the corner, most teachers are gearing up for some time off and some much needed rest and relaxation. While these breaks can a wonderful time to re-charge for both teachers and students, sometimes progress made throughout the semester can be lost. For example, in 2015, Oxford Learning put out an article [...]

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Yes, Breaking Up (with a text) is Hard to Do

It's not you. It's the text. It's moving on...to another grade level. "I just don't understand why...." you catch your breath, "it's been the only book I liked ...no, I loved... to teach."   You pause, 'Why does it have to leave?" After all, you and the book have been together for school years. You [...]

From Book Tastings to Blind Dates: How to Encourage a Love of Reading in Secondary Classrooms

As a first-year English teacher, there were lots of questions that I hadn’t expected to have to answer in my classroom. The most surprising question, however, was this one: Now, in my head, there are many sarcastic and snarky comments that I could think of. They practically write themselves, don’t they? Usually, I [...]