Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month with Book Talks

Over the past five years, I have built my classroom library from just 104 books to over 1100 high-interest young adult literature spanning from realistic fiction to nonfiction to fantasy & sci-fi to historical fiction. While I routinely do Book Talks each week--among other things--to get kids interested and engaged with my classroom library, I [...]

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3 Reasons to Burn Reading Logs

On Twitter recently, I came across a post by Nicholas Emmanuele about reading logs.  He posted: I’ve seen the distaste for #reading logs recently.  Can someone define them for me? Is it the reading duration?  The regularity? The deadlines? The assignments attached to them? I’m genuinely curious what counts as a reading log and what [...]

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Teaching Immigration Empathy: Why Refugee by Alan Gratz Should Be Added To Your Curriculum

It's summer vacation which means that most of the Secondary ELA groups I am in on social media are full of teachers asking for recommendations for books to add to their curricula. I am a big believer in the power of books to change hearts and minds, so my suggestions lean toward YA literature that [...]

In Defense of Standardized Testing: A Reflection

Standardized testing: just the thought of these assessments strikes terror in the hearts of teachers. If only our students cared as much about how they score on state-mandated tests. Most of the educational literature reflects a negative view of standardized testing, but they serve an important purpose in American education: to indicate teacher effectiveness through [...]