10 Things Teachers DID NOT Have to Deal With 10 Years Ago

Something is wrong—very, very wrong. Teachers across the country at all grade levels, in all subjects, teaching a wide variety of student populations, can sense it. There is a pulse of dysfunction, a steady palpitation of doom that the path we are on is not properly oriented. There is a raw and amorphous anxiety creeping [...]

The Importance of the 2018 Mid-Term Elections: A Teacher’s Perspective

American democracy is at a crossroads. In November of this year, the American electorate will go to the polls to decide which party should control the Congress of the United States and set policy on the federal level. Majorities in many state legislatures and governorships across the nation will also be decided. As it stands [...]

Dear Madame Secretary DeVos: We Will Not Be Ignored

Dear Madame Secretary DeVos: In response to the recent surge of teacher walkouts, you stated that teachers should “serve the students that are there to be served.”  I couldn’t agree more. I also understand why, as the highest-ranking Education official in the nation, you must discourage teacher protests.  However, as a veteran public-school educator who [...]

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The Ins and Outs of Walking Out: Understanding Strike Law

Understanding the legality and process of recent teacher strikes is a daunting task.  As a part of the public sector, education protocol is governed by statutory and case law.  Since primary control of the public education system is relegated to individual states, school law differs from state to state.  This includes laws about teacher unions [...]

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