Mrs. Brown, is this World War 3?

After the holiday break, my students entered the classroom well-rested and eager to discuss current events.   I had jokingly declared that we would start a war after the break, with the understanding before the events of the assassination of the Iranian general, Qasem Soleimani, that the war we would "start" would be world war one. [...]

Restorative Practices, Exhausting Teachers

Guest Writer: Adam Sutton Restorative Practices (RP) is the new darling of education circles.  As its goal, RP seeks to interrupt and halt the school to prison pipeline while helping students overcome and cope with trauma.  To do this, RP relies on developing relationships with students which enables them to reflect on and repair the [...]

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“Why Didn’t Anyone Help Me?” The Truth Behind Abused Teachers Who Took Matters Into Their Own Hands

When the articles pop up on my timeline, I’m quick to click the link to each and every article that looks or sounds like this: “Teacher assaults student” “Educator and student fights” “Teacher fired after brawl with student” What I find to be interesting is that many, if not all of the teachers involved in [...]

All Of The Good Teachers Have Already Quit…Or Are Thinking About It

"Ms. Greer, we need to take your planning period today. We have a class of students in In-School Suspension (ISS) who need coverage for their third period. I know you had a webinar scheduled for our upcoming unit on parallelograms, but you can watch that at home. We need all 'hands' on deck, and you're [...]

“Why haven’t I learned that Harriet Tubman fought in the civil war?”

On a cold day in central New York, I had the fantastic opportunity to take 26 students to tour the Harriet Tubman National Park, located in Auburn, NY. After an enlightening hour, we loaded onto the yellow submarine (aka the school bus) and watched the movie Harriet at the local Movie Tavern.   By the end of the [...]