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James Gets a Grip on Losing: A Lesson for Today

By Julie Letofsky I’ve been thinking a lot this past week about James, a child in my second grade class years ago. James loved recess more than anything that went on in the classroom. Basketball, soccer, even just tossing a football – James lived for these activities. He was hyper-competitive; he HAD to be the [...]

Rebranding the Dreaded Essay: How to Demystify Essays and Make Them Meaningful During COVID-19

Whenever students hear the word “essay,” they groan, eye roll, and plead for something, anything else.  Similarly, most adults I know remember high school or college essays they grudgingly finished just under the wire; late-night coffee, obsessive word counting, and a fair amount of teacher-specific bs-ing. It’s clear “The Essay” gets a bad rap, and [...]

A Final Lesson For Us All in Propaganda as a Teacher

Recently, a teacher in Paris named Samuel Paty was beheaded after giving a lesson on the importance of freedom of thought. With all going on in the news these days, I barely noticed it at first. Yet, as I wrote recently, a dangerous ideology that subverts free and intellectual discourse is growing and making inroads [...]

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Whichever Way You Cut It School in 2020 is Hard

Guest Writer: Dr. Noor Ali, Principal, Al-Hamra Academy Fall 2020 school reopening has been a tricky, tricky business. It has been a time of untold stress and unfathomable planning. It has required flexing of all our known boundaries and delving into the great uncertainty that only a pandemic could unleash. From is this really a health [...]

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