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Are Teachers of Color Valued in School Districts?

  “I hope I can show The Outsiders movie virtually through zoom this year!”  Teacher A remarked at the meeting. “I know, that is the highlight of our kids' year; they absolutely love reading this book and watching the movie,'' Teacher B replied. My two colleagues (white females) discussed a book read by our middle [...]

America’s Reckoning: How Will Teachers Go Into Their Classrooms Tomorrow?

“How do we teach kids about this tomorrow?” This seems to be the question every American social studies teacher is asking themselves this evening, clutching the notion of the American republic in their hands like a broken teacup. As America continues to be ripped in two from its seams to its soul, we have, over [...]

Beyond George Floyd: Making a Difference—Access, Application, Admonishment

Guest Writer: Archie R. Wortham, Ph.D., Professor of Speech “Equity doesn’t mean equality.” I am the product of a segregated school. I saw people sprayed with fire hoses; removed from lunch counter sit-ins. I used second or third handed textbooks. I was black, back then a Negro, but my ‘negro’ cousins and I went to [...]

“Patriotic Education” is a Problem

Last week, TheEducatorsRoom hosted a Twitter Chat titled “Is Teaching Political?”  It was a conversation prompted in part by President Trump’s announcement of a commission--The 1776 Commission--to design a “patriotic education” program one month earlier.  At the heart of his plan is an opinion that “left-wing indoctrination in our schools" is destroying the country.  Instead [...]

Good Teaching Is Political…Or At Least It Should Be

Several weeks ago, President Trump announced his plans for a patriotic education commission, dubbed the 1776 Commission.  He simultaneously criticized teachers for indoctrinating students and urged them to focus on America’s strengths; the president has confused indoctrination and education.  Picking and choosing what history to emphasize or highlight based on how it makes the nation [...]

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