Have you ever sat in a professional learning opportunity to be told by someone who has never taught what you’re doing wrong in the classroom? If so, then you are a part of the 65% of teachers who rate their school-based professional learning as “ineffective”. The mission of The Educator’s Room Professional Learning is to make schools better by providing our clients with state-of-the-art training to empower teachers in the building.

How We’re Different 

This is how The Educator’s Room is different. We are teachers who are determined to not “train” teachers but to empower them to change the mindsets of their class. We do this by providing services, products, and fresh ideas to help teachers help schools. Our services include consultations, 1:1 training, workshops, etc. that all address your school’s pain points in learning.

What We Offer

While each school is different, we understand that many schools have the same “pain points” around trying to help their students achieve. As we work in schools, here are some topics we’ve been asked to facilitate: how to improve writing in an urban/rural school, deconstructing the reading Common Core standards, Literacy in the Content Areas,  Instructional Coaching to Turnaround Schools, School Culture, Leadership Team Meeting, Math Standards, Standards of Mathematical Standards, Assessments, etc.

In keeping with our model of empowering teachers, we offer solutions that are tailored to your school and what you need to improve student and teacher morale.  If you are interested in The Educator’s Room professional learning, please email us at

If you are interested in The Educator’s Room Professional Learning, please email us at



Our workshops are focused on the belief that learning does not have to be boring to be engaging. See below are our variety of training options:

-Full Day Trainings

Our full day training models are focused on helping a school solve an issue they are encountering. We typically bring 2-3 Master Teachers/Consultants with us to not only address teachers whole group but to break them up by content area. During these trainings, we offer real solutions that can be implemented immediately in classrooms. This type of training is perfect for not only content areas but for whole staff meetings.

-Half Day Trainings

Our half day trainings are reserved for smaller groups of teachers and focus on giving teachers and/or departments “hands-on” tools to improve their work around content areas. During these workshops, we focus solely on solutions and implementation.


For some school-level staff, they need a complete instructional audit to see where they can start their work at the beginning of the year. We will come in as a team and offer our expertise to show school building leaders how to solve their pain points and to offer solutions they can implement once we leave.

Leadership Training 

Many times the people who lead the training on the school level are left out of learning the trends that are occurring in their building. During our focused leadership training we will focus on a series that will help Assistant Principals, Instructional Coaches, and Principals stay the instructional leader in their buildings.

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