About Cari Zall

Cari Zall has been a Social Sciences educator for over 12 years, in both brick & mortar and online environments. She currently works as the Curriculum and Instructional Support Manager for an online high school dropout recovery program, and is the Assignment Editor and a writer for The Educator’s Room, an online education magazine. Cari is certified in Gamification and has worked on several projects incorporating Gamification into online and traditional education environments. Her areas of expertise include Gamification and Student Resilience & Motivation; Conflict Resolution & Collaboration, and social justice education. Prior to her teaching career, Cari worked for 15 years in civil litigation and as a human rights activist in Northern Ireland and Washington, DC. She holds a BA in Conflict Analysis & Resolution, an Masters in Teaching, and an MA in Political Science. Cari is a James Madison Fellow, and is the author of the book, How to Finish the Test When Your Pencil Breaks: A Teacher Faces Layoff, Unemployment and a Career Shift. You can finder her on twitter at @teachacari.


Here at The Educator’s Room, we’re always looking for fresh perspectives and dynamic writing.  We also know that the best writers in the country are our educators!  We would love you to write for us! 

When (not “if!”) you decide to submit an article, just send it to our Assignment Editor at info@theeducatorsroom.com.  You can also email any inquiries or questions there as well.

5 Reasons YOU should write for The Educator’s Room!

1.    YOU ARE AN EXPERT!  What ever niche in education you occupy – whether you are a teacher, an administrator, a parent, a counselor, a policy worker, a curriculum designer — anything, you are an expert in the field.  You have something to offer and we’d love to learn from your expertise!

Note: We only accept submissions from current (or former) educators. We have no desire to publish any articles from people who have never been in the classroom! 
2.    YOU HAVE UNIQUE STORIES!  We learn from the very best educators that teaching at its best is about storytelling and sharing experiences.  Just like students buy into their own education when they can relate to what they’re learning about, we educators can benefit and be encouraged by YOUR stories!

3.    YOU WANT TO INCREASE YOUR PROFESSIONAL OPPORTUNITIES!  Our goal here at The Educator’s Room is to help educators build their own personal brands and expand their expertise.  Writing for an education publication is an excellent way to spread your wings and begin to add new skills and professionalism to your resume and education portfolio.

4.    WE WILL SUPPORT YOU!  We have an awesome community of writers, from all areas of education.  We have different opinions and different experiences, but we are all joined together in our effort to encourage educators through our publication.  When you write for us, we’re there for you!

5.    WE WELCOME ALL VOICES!  We have no political agenda or policy position – we welcome all voices and all areas of education to share in our pages.  We know our readers are open-minded and learning-oriented, so we always want to offer writing that: exposes them to new ideas, challenges their best practices, and opens the door to new paths for them.  You could be the one to do that for them!


The Educator’s Room has grown exponentially in its first nine months, and we see only more growth on the horizon.  We would love to welcome more authors and more varieties of expertise to our publication.  Submit an article, or start writing weekly.  We welcome you!

Write us at info@theeducatorsroom.com and we’ll let you know our article and publication guidelines and give you any support you need – we’d love to share your expertise with the world!

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