Stress and Mess: Deliberate Practice and Professional Obligation — Part I

Editor's Note: Writers Dan McConnell and Jake Miller teamed up to take on two driving buzz words - "deliberate practice" and "professional obligation" - and explore how they're driving teachers to stress. DAN: Teacher Stress Is Not Blessed Teacher stress is a very real problem, and without reforms where they are truly needed, that is [...]

The Importance of Attending Professional Conferences

Last Friday, I attended and presented at the Michigan Council of Teachers of English (MCTE) annual fall conference held in Lansing, Michigan. This was my third consecutive year attending and presenting at a professional conference after many, many years of not going at all. I do not think it’s a coincidence that the past three [...]

Stories of a New Administrator

A little over a year ago I took over as the Director of the small, private school I taught at for six years and attended as a small child.  Need it be said that I was thrilled?  My staff taught by my side for several years and brainstormed with me for nearly a year.  I [...]

Religion Isn’t Dead in Schools

From time to time, I receive an email from a parent asking "how do you go about teaching religion?" They are afraid that learning about other religions or even Greek mythology will taint the family beliefs that they and/or their institution have taught. As a public school teacher, there's really one answer - "I don't teach [...]

[Podcast S2E10] The Microaggressions of Mispronouncing a Student’s Name

You open your class list and you see all of the names of the new students  in your class this year. As you go down, you notice there are some names you may have trouble with. What’s your first inclination, do you practice the name before the student enters your room? Or do you wait [...]

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