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  • Why Emotions Matter in the Classroom

    on Oct 9, 15 • in Featured, Management • with Comments

    Because We Know-4

    A teacher’s job is about more than just knowledge of content area. At times, it seems that so much of what we do every day has more to do with teaching social skills and everyday life skills than what our subject matter. Is it a waste of time to focus on the emotional well-being of the children in your class? The answer is that emotions matter! Research shows that the time you invest in making sure your students feel safe means more than you think. A failure to thrive. But is that enough? Should we applaud the

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  • The Toxic Rewards that Perpetuate our Dropout Rates

    on Oct 8, 15 • in Current Events in Education, Featured, High School, Social Justice • with Comments

    The Perils of the United States of Smug-3

    This last June radio station WBEZ in Chicago discovered that Chicago Public Schools had been misrepresenting the number of high school dropouts. The investigation conducted by WBEZ discovered that over 2000 students were counted as “transferred” students when they’d actually dropped out. The story might have been local, but the issue is not. These new efforts began around 2010 when states aligned the way that graduation rates were calculated. Arne Duncan, then Secretary of Education, argued in 2012 that this new, uniform way of calculating graduation rates would make states “more honest in holding schools

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  • The Troubling Timing of the Tenure Debate

    on Oct 6, 15 • in Current Events in Education, Educator Professionalism, Featured • with Comments

    What I Fear for My Students-2

    Though Presidential candidate Gov. Scott Walker announced a little more than two weeks ago he would be suspending his presidential campaign, two of his political policies became subjects of national attention. The first was building a wall on the US/Canadian Border, considered ridiculous even by his GOP counterparts; the second, a legislative attack on the long held rite of passage in teaching known as tenure. Walker watched his short-lived candidacy crumble like the wall he wanted to build, but his desire to use politics as a control mechanism in education continues to be a threat. 

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  • Thoughts on Grading Part 2: The Grading Scale

    on Oct 5, 15 • in Featured, Instruction&Curriculum, Instructional Strategies • with Comments


    Fairness is a battle that is fought in everywhere in the United States. As teachers, we teach about fairness and the difference between what is right and what is wrong. Being aware of bias and unfair situations in the classroom is something I always strive to be aware of and I hope to bring awareness of certain situations to light to make sure that our students are getting the fairness they deserve. This brings up the question: “Is the grading scale fair?” There are several things to consider before you answer this question. What is the

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  • The Problem of the Chronically Absent Student

    on Oct 5, 15 • in Featured, High School, Instruction&Curriculum, Literacy, Management • with Comments

    Tips for choosing a novel to study-3

    It’s not even a month into the school year and already it’s clear that my 7th period has a problem. Overall, they seem like a nice group of kids. They participate, they ask questions, and they are pretty easy to redirect if we get off task…but still, there is a problem. The problem is that while most students showed up for the first class, I have since seen no fewer than four absent on any given day, sometimes it’s as high as nine. The reasons for absences always vary: sickness, parent pull-out, a need to

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