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  • Charter Schools Have Lost Their Way

    on May 21, 15 • in Current Events in Education, Featured, Policy • with Comments

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    Charter schools were first conceived in 1988 by then American Federation of Teachers President Albert Shanker. Shanker hoped to open up schools that would be led by teachers who would use innovative methods to help children learn. The idea was to allow students to come to a charter school even if it was not in their neighborhood, thus allowing a mixture of students from different economic classes as well as different races to learn together. Charters would be granted for a five to ten year period and would only be renewed if they succeeded. They

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  • Student Teacher Diaries: My Wish For You

    on May 20, 15 • in Featured, The Student Teacher Diaries • with Comments

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    This semester flew by and it was an amazing gift to see my students through fresh eyes.  Having a student intern gave me the chance to reflect and think about my own teaching, as well as help my students in ways only possible when you have more than one adult working together in a classroom.  Having a student intern allowed me to do more and be more for my students. Next year, this class of college graduates will move into their own classrooms.  Lauren, my student intern, along with thousands of others, will be able to set up learning

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  • 8 Social Media Must-Follows for English Language Arts Teachers

    on May 19, 15 • in Educator Professionalism, Featured, Professional Development • with Comments

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    Since it’s the end of the school year, I am starting to look back over the year and evaluate what went well and what I would like to change or improve upon for next year. One of the first things I like to do each spring is to take inventory of my social media “follows.”  I gather ideas and inspiration from blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest and sometimes–especially during a conference–I can get a little follow-happy. I’ve curated a list below of some of the social media outlets that I consider “must-follow” accounts for anyone

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  • Innovating at the End of the School Year

    on May 19, 15 • in Elementary Classrooms, Featured, Instructional Strategies • with Comments


    With only weeks of school left, it’s easy for students and teachers to check out. The weather is nice. The state exams are behind us and with them a certain sense of urgency. This time of year can drive a teacher crazy. In many schools including my own in New York City, students have been cooped up all winter. With the arrival of warm weather they’re practically vibrating in their seats with excitement to get outdoors. Many schools in New York City lack access to sufficient outdoor play space even in the warmer months, which can

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  • Advice for New ESOL Teachers: Whose Holiday and Why?

    on May 18, 15 • in ESOL, Featured, Instructional Strategies • with Comments

    ESL in America

    The United States is growing ever more diverse in languages, religions and ethnicity and school districts are working (with varying levels of success) to adjust to their changing communities.  ESOL teachers are often in the position of go-between for their students and the larger culture, which can be a little awkward when the holidays come around. ELL students may or may not know the reasons for all those days off, or they may miss school because their holy days are not part of the school calendar. The first step is simply knowing what holidays are

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