Book Review: Teach Like A Champion 2.0

The book Teach Like A Champion is one that many educators have read, or, at the very least, heard of. This especially rings true for our classroom leaders who teach in urban schools. The first edition launched in 2010 by Doug Lemov, a teacher and administrator for the Uncommon Schools initiative, this book chronicles Lemov's attempts to [...]

The Traveling Teacher: Normandy, France

June 6, 1944, D-Day, would be one that forever changed the world. For months, Americans, British, Australian, Canadian, French, and other Allied Powers trained for months when they would invade the Western Front and help turn that Nazi Germans back. The risks, sacrifices, and dividends were beyond measure. So is trying to put to words what it's like [...]

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Are Schools Perpetuating America’s Problems?

Nancy Easton, my pastor, began this week's sermon (words / audio) with a clip from Mr. Roger's Neighborhood. The man who graced public television from the late '60s through the early millennium drew full attention from an equally diverse audience that was, at the least, aware of the impact of Fred Rogers, and, at most, daily childhood [...]

Dispelling Myths about Teachers

“Stop being such a martyr.” “All these teachers do is whine about how bad they have it.” “It is your choice to put so many hours in. No one is forcing you to do all this.” And my favorite, “You knew what you were getting into.” Yes, I write about the realities of education and [...]

How Far is Too Far to Save a Life?

The phone rings at midnight.  That's never a good sign, right?  We imagine our relatives in a terrible accident, something gone wrong for our parents, or our children in trouble.  But when you are a school administrator, you have to figure there is a chance the school caught fire, got burgled, or generally something went [...]

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