Letting Students Have a Say In What They Learn

We started our school year this week, and I have a small class of very eager kids. They love to learn, want to participate in everything and have some great ideas of their own. As I stood in class moving from one activity to another, I was preparing to ask my students what THEY hoped [...]

First, We Must Educate The Heart

"Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all" - Aristotle Teachers, have you thought about this challenge? How will you educate the heart this year? Childhood - especially the middle school years - can seem like a crazy-making manic time for kids. One minute they're sweet young and innocent, most interested [...]

A Teacher Prepares for that First Month

That first month of school Some of those reading this have already gone “back to school.”  I am a teacher squeezing the last bit of summer out of the break from my regular school year work, and as soon as I’m home it is “game on” again. But don’t let the well oiled machine of [...]

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I Don’t Teach To the Test, But I Still Play the Game

If you “teach to the test,” you are a slave to the system, right?  I personally despise standardized tests, and in fact, when it comes to high school English classes, I would do away with midterms, final exams, and most typical tests altogether if I could. But since I do have to play the game, I [...]

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How the Love of a Dog Cured My Hatred of Poetry

Poems, Shmoems Growing up, I never really understood poetry. I guess I struggled to understand the poems I read, and found their structure, or seeming lack of structure, frustrating. I would get to the end of a poem and wind up thinking, “Is that it?” "What am I missing here?" or, “What the heck was [...]

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