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  • How A Faculty Meeting Reflects Your High School Classroom

    on Apr 24, 15 • in Educator Professionalism, Featured • with Comments

    Whole group faculty meetings have to happen once in a while. No ever wants to go to a faculty meeting, just like our students do not necessarily want to go to our classes every day. If you take a moment and look around your faculty meeting, you will see that we are just like our students, even if we don’t want to admit it. The Beginning…We walk in and no one knows where to sit. We all look at each other, “Do we have to sit by departments? Or can we sit where ever we want?&#

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  • Incorporating Hands-On Activities For Wiggly Kids

    on Apr 24, 15 • in Elementary Classrooms, Featured, Instructional Strategies, Kindergarten • with Comments

    We have 20 school days left. 20. The weather is warming up, the kids are counting down and the ‘end-of-the-year-itis’ has hit like the plague. Ugh. Every unit I plan for the last six weeks of school is hands-on. I simply cannot handle a classroom full of fidgety, wiggly, non-focused kids for several days in a row. Therefore, I don’t let them get that way. One of the daily activities that I plan is with our spelling and vocabulary words. I have a multi-level classroom and which is ability based, so not everyone is on

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  • We’re Looking for Some Teachers to Join Our Conference Blogging Team

    on Apr 23, 15 • in Featured • with Comments

    Untitled design(5)

    In less than 60 days The Educator’s Room will hold our annual one day workshop here in the beautiful Atlanta, Georgia. Our conference is unique because the entire event is created for teachers by teachers. We’ve confirmed all of our speakers and we’re working behind the scenes to make sure that we’re putting on the best event for educators this city has ever witnessed. Now while we’re busy confirming Keynote Speakers, panelists and funding, we’re looking for four teachers who are interested in being a part of our social media team at the conference. These

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  • Hands-On Science For Young Learners

    on Apr 23, 15 • in Child Development, Common Core, Elementary Classrooms, Featured, Instruction&Curriculum, Instructional Strategies, Kindergarten, Mathematics, Science • with Comments

    Hands on Science  for young learners

    My elementary class and I have begun my most favorite science unit of all: plants and life cycles. I look forward to this unit every year. There are five concepts that I want to drive home with this unit. First, that everything has a life cycle and what that means. Next, that not everything looks the same when it has grown to its mature state. Third, I want the kids to be able to see the different parts of the life cycle in real time, not just pictures from the internet. Fourth, when we are

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  • Make Them Laugh: Why We Should Teach Shakespearean Comedies

    on Apr 22, 15 • in Featured, Instruction&Curriculum, Instructional Strategies, Literacy • with Comments

    Make Them Laugh_ Why We Should Teach

    I love Shakespeare. I would love nothing more than to teach Shakespeare all day long. One thing I dislike about Shakespeare (and it is not his fault), is that we only teach his tragedies in high school. When I was in school, Shakespeare’s plays were taught in this order, freshman year was Romeo and Juliet, sophomore year was Julius Caesar, junior year was focused on American literature so the play was The Crucible (a tragedy) , and senior year was Hamlet. I suppose it varies from state to state and school to school, but what

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