Summer Vacation Memes For Teachers

Summer vacation is here and teachers should be relaxing away from the craziness of school. As you relax and "rest up" for the 2016-2017 school year, look at these summer vacation memes and laugh. How many of us are unsure of the days of the week this summer vacation? Pinterest will be the death of [...]

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Just Keep Swimming: What Dory Teaches Us About Disabilities

  My kids and I loved Finding Nemo, so when I found out that there was going to be a Sensory Friendly viewing of Finding Dory, my husband and I jumped at the opportunity to go see it with our two boys, one of whom has autism. The movie was definitely meant for kids, but [...]

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Fostering an Independent Three-Year-Old

Children are capable of so much more than society gives them credit for.  Helicopter parenting is becoming increasingly common and children are being required to do less and less for themselves.  Sure, it's easier to do for your child rather than wait or risk a tantrum.  How much are they learning from it though?  Today's society [...]

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6 Ways for Teachers to Earn Some Extra Money From Home

It's the summer and many teachers are thankful for a short break to recalibrate and refocus for the upcoming school year. We are no longer confined to using the restroom in under 30 seconds or eating lunch in 20 minutes. We have actual time to plan and execute our plans for the upcoming year. Despite [...]

Should You Adjunct Teach? A Checklist for Potential Part-time Professors

Let’s not kid ourselves: The college classroom is a very different world than secondary teaching, as it should be. The material taught there is more rigorous, the students are more independent, and there is far less supervision of teaching practice, among other contrasts. The assumption at good colleges is this: If you’re proficient enough to [...]

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