About Lori H Rice

Lori Rice is a fourth-grade teacher at West Elementary in Wamego, Kansas, who has taught K-2 reading as well as kindergarten, first grade and fourth grade since 1996. She has a passion for creativity, learning, questioning and the whole child. Her classroom is a place of acceptance and celebrating differences.

The Educator’s Room was started on the basis that we, the educators, are the experts.  It is true.  We are in the field every day.  We implement the strategies, research, curriculum, and methods with our students.  Teachers around the nation and world are the experts about what works with kids.  So who better to have important discussions about what is going on in our classrooms with than each other.

As educators, we are always learning new things and sharing ideas.  It is important to expand our teaching circle to be able to offer the best to our students.  Technology today opens our classroom doors to the world.  It is possible for educators to work together from around the globe, to share resources, to share lessons that work, and to share ideas on what they are doing in their classrooms.  You may have spent this Thanksgiving break reflecting on your teaching and experiences.  Here are some resources you might find helpful.  Reflect on what you feel passionate about in your teaching and share your thoughts and ideas on one of the sites below.  Reflect on what you need help with and seek advice.  Join an online community and open your classroom walls.  Share your expertise.  Reignite and share your passion for teaching!

  • Academia EDU http://www.academia.edu/  provides a place for educators to share and follow research.
  • Apple and Education http://www.apple.com/education/ provides ideas with stories from real teachers about how iOS is impacting their classrooms today.
  • Classroom 2.0 http://www.classroom20.com/ ,by Steve Hargadon, provides a site for educators to network and share on technology in the classroom.
  • Classroom Earth  http://www.classroomearth.org/, created by the Weather Channel and National Environmental Education Foundation, provides a social network for environmental educators.
  • Edmodo Communities https://www.edmodo.com/ provides communities across curriculum and subject areas.  Sign up for and Edmod account and browse on the left hand side bar.
  • The Educator’s Room http://theeducatorsroom.com/ is an online magazine with articles written by teachers, the experts.
  • Edutopia http://www.edutopia.org/ , sponsored by George Lucas, provides lessons, resources, and stories on successful schools.
  • English Companion http://englishcompanion.ning.com/  is an online “café” providing a social network for English educators.
  • Going On http://www.goingon.com/ is a social community for higher education.
  • Intel Engage Community http://engage.intel.com/welcome provides a network for educators dedicated to transforming K-12 classrooms.
  • Share My Lessons http://www.sharemylesson.com/ provides a space for educators to find and share lesson plans.
  • Skype https://education.skype.com/ provides lessons and ideas on a variety of subjects.  Connect to the world.
  • Twitter https://twitter.com/ links you into numerous educators and educational supporters.  Check out US Department of Ed, Education Week, National and State Teachers’ of the Year, and more.


I have been in the classroom for 17 years and every year I find I need to know more and more.  To truly offer my students all they deserve I need to network.  Reaching out and networking with others in the field brings inspiration, passion, fun and ideas to my students.  Networking allows me to share my ideas, question and strengthen my ideas, and find new ideas for making our classroom community a better place to learn.  As you reflect on your successes and challenges from this school year, reach out to an educational community.  The solution is out there.  What possibilities exist?!


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