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In 2015 we struggled with what we could continue to do to support our thousands of readers across the world. We already publish three articles a day from teachers. We’re active on our social media channels (Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)  giving advice. We’ve started offering professional development opportunities for schools and we’re constantly adding to our resources for teachers. However, the one resource we’ve been hesitant to “roll out” is our one-day workshops in select cities across the United States.

Well, all of that changes starting on February 20th, 2016 in New York City. We are offering full day, teacher-led professional learning that focuses around the theme, “Empowering Teachers as the Experts”. To register click here. We’ve structured for these workshops to be intimate (less than 50 participants) and focused on the WORK of empowering teachers.

February 20th, 2016-2

After we finish our training in New York we are hitting four more major cities in 2016. Each learning opportunity will focus on the work of empowering teachers. Will you be there?



For fifteen years Franchesca taught English/Language Arts in two urban districts in Atlanta, Georgia,...

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