About Jake Miller

Mr. Jake Miller, a 7th grade American history teacher who has taught all secondary grades (6-12) and all core subjects, is the 2016 National History Day Pennsylvania Teacher of the Year and a 2017 NEA Teacher of Excellence Award recipient. His articles have appeared in The Washington Post, The Guardian, and several other periodicals, but he has called TER home since 2012. Miller will take his talents on the road when TER opens its consulting wing in 2017.

Podcast Review: Angela Watson’s Truth for Teachers

"Remember, it's not going to be easy - it's going to be worth it." Blogger, consultant, and educator extraordinaire Angela Watson ends every one of her "Truth for Teachers" podcasts with this Art Williams quote - one that any educator would agree we know all to well. But the content of her podcasts do make the [...]

Stress and Mess: Deliberate Practice and Professional Obligation — Part I

Editor's Note: Writers Dan McConnell and Jake Miller teamed up to take on two driving buzz words - "deliberate practice" and "professional obligation" - and explore how they're driving teachers to stress.  DAN: Teacher Stress Is Not Blessed Teacher stress is a very real problem, and without reforms where they are truly needed, that is [...]

Religion Isn’t Dead in Schools

From time to time, I receive an email from a parent asking "how do you go about teaching religion?" They are afraid that learning about other religions or even Greek mythology will taint the family beliefs that they and/or their institution have taught. As a public school teacher, there's really one answer - "I don't teach [...]

An Educator’s Message to Vaccination Opponents

A few days ago, I heard some loud noises coming from the room next door. It then turned to screaming. I briefly peered out into the hallway to see if it was under control, and a few teachers' aides were helping to calm one of our autistic students. I revisited the classroom during lunch to [...]

Fridays: A Teacher Confessional

Rebecca Black took a student's perspective with her song "Friday," focusing on the last day of the work week, where she wrote after "gettin' down on a Friday, everyone's looking forward to the weekend." So, what about teachers' perspectives on Friday? We asked our writers and readers, and here's how they claimed to end the week: [...]