About Jake Miller

Currently a middle school American history teacher, Mr. Jake Miller has taught all secondary grades 6-12 and all core subjects. He is a leader in his local teacher union and most recently the 2016 Pennsylvania NEA Teacher of Excellence Award and National History Day Middle School Pennsylvania Teacher of the Year. Miller's articles have appeared in The Washington Post, The Guardian, and several other periodicals, but he's called TER home since 2012.

The Bathroom Battle Is Coming to Your School – Are You Ready?

When the U.S. Dept. of Education issued its "Dear Colleague Letter on Transgender Students," it essentially asserted that transgender bathroom rights will be an issue that schools are expected to solve. This upcoming fall will no doubt make school bathrooms a boiling issue. Will you be ready for it? Schools have not been asked to take up a rights' issue of this magnitude since Brown [...]

How Humility Is Hurting Teachers

A favorite education professor probably told you that being humble is a trait of an effective teacher. They probably read a 2011 ASCD article about "what makes for an effective teacher" and shared it with their students. They probably also shared the notion that a great teacher continually puts others ahead of themselves. Dave Stuart, Jr. [...]

Movie Review: Tested

Think that there's a lot on the line for kids taking tests? Plenty of pressure? Stress? Difficulties? Mess? Welcome to New York City Public Schools, says writer, producer, and director Curtis Chin in his film Tested. His story line follows twelve 8th grade students who are wrangling over the decision to take the Specialized High School [...]

10 Tips: Running a Political Debate

Last week I shared "10 Reasons Why Teachers Should Host Political Debates." It was a reflection piece on a State Senate debate I helped plan, coordinate, and orchestrate. Since then I've received several letters of thanks and strangers in the community approaching me in appreciation. Most importantly, students (and their parents) have expressed the most [...]

“RAK” Up Teacher Appreciation Week

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week to our fellow educators! While they'll hopefully be showered with gifts and praise this week by their school board, community, administrators, students, and parents - we have a project to pitch. We'd like to make this week not so much about teachers, but about the currency of teachers: We'd like to make this [...]