Why Your Teachers Are Quitting: Did You S.A.T.?

Dear Administrators, Please listen with your heart. You’ve been wondering why your teachers keep quitting. You keep losing teachers. Transfers, resignations, and complaints keep coming your way. You're concerned about not just your job, but about the person you’re putting on display causing others to run the other way. Before blaming your teachers, let me [...]

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New Tricks for Old Dogs: What Novice Teachers Offer

With 44% of teachers quitting within the first five years of entering the profession, it is statistically likely you know a teacher like me: one who has yet to cross the five-year threshold. I am almost there, approaching my fifth year, but have yet to earn esteem as a “veteran teacher” among my colleagues. Rightfully [...]

Chasing the Sands of Time: Why Teachers Stand High in the Stream of History

Once in a while in the midst of life’s serpentine journey, the clockwork of life seems to slow for just a few moments. Something enormous and significant seems to swell within. Until very recently in human history, a person would describe this rare sensation as a rousing of "the soul," an opening of the heavens, [...]

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