Are You A Double-Minded Teacher?

Hello. My name is Allyson, and I’m a Double-Minded Teacher. Double Minded: 1: wavering in mind: UNDECIDED, VACILLATING Since I’ve made the commitment to become a teacher, I’ve been double-minded about teaching. I start off excited about the upcoming year. I create the layout for my classroom and pick the theme. Then, I’m cutting, taping, [...]

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Opinion: An Open Letter to Teachers of Color Dealing with Guilt while Working at a Predominantly White Institution (PWI)

Guest Writer: Jheanell Lumsden Dear Teacher of Color, You’re about to begin a new school year, and as a teacher of color, you know that our teaching experiences are vastly different from our white counterparts. Each academic year can feel like an even steeper uphill battle, and we may end up even more emotionally and [...]

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Job Requirements are Changing. How Can Parents and Students Adapt?

I am currently job-hunting outside of education, and I have noticed an interesting trend: jobs requiring a high school diploma are also requiring skills that are not typically on the standard high school curriculum. If your school provides them at all, it is likely that they will end up as elective courses. This includes jobs [...]

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5 Tips for Navigating the International School Job Fair

Many teachers dream of leaving their home country to be an international teacher. It’s hard to blame them. The class sizes are often astronomically smaller, the pay is better (compared to the new country’s standard of living), and the benefits often include housing, airfare, more time off, and a chance to travel and learn a [...]