It’s Time to Spill The Tea About Education…

"Spilling the tea" is teenage slang that this history teacher can appreciate.  Like those 342 rebels that protested taxation without representation on December 16, 1773, in Boston harbor, it is time for educators (teachers and administrators) to become revolutionaries. Although the slang of the terms is typically about gossip, the "T" in tea is also [...]

If They Are Choosing the Family Car, They Are Going to Want Choice in the Classroom

Know your audience! This is what marketers and educators have in common, especially as they both are focused on Generation Z (Gen Z) students, children born 1997-to the present. The one defining characteristic of Gen Z? These students (K-12)  have never known a world without the internet or cell phones (mostly smartphones). For them, Google and Wi-Fi [...]

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Teachers Pay Teachers-The Fast Food of Education

At first glance, Teachers Pay Teachers, a monetized lesson plan site, appears to be a win-win offering. There are lesson plans and educational materials marketed by vendors (teachers) who make a small profit on the sale. The first win is for the teachers selling the plans. Many teachers could use extra income from selling their [...]

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