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EARTH DAY: Free Download and Resources

Earth Day, celebrated annually on April 22nd, emerged as a global environmental movement in response to growing concerns about pollution, environmental degradation, and the need for conservation efforts. Senator Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin conceived the idea for Earth Day, inspired by anti-war protests, and sought to harness the energy of grassroots activism to raise awareness […]

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How Principals Should Model NCAA Women’s Basketball Post Conferences to Cultivate Effective, Culturally Intelligent Teachers

Every March, the NCAA March Madness showcases the best and brightest in women’s basketball to millions of viewers. And every year, principals and administrators observe teachers for at least 45 minutes to grade their effectiveness as teachers. This is such a high-stakes procedure, as anything can happen that would make the most effective teacher, look […]

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One Size Fits All Been Trash: Curating and cultivating mastery is the new drip

Curating and cultivating mastery is like planting seeds in a garden; it requires patience, care, and a keen eye for nurturing potential. Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) requires special education services to support learners in three specific areas: advanced educational opportunities, employment, and increased independence. As a special education teacher, As a Teacher of […]

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The effects of holistic review on college admissions 

COVID-19 swept the globe in 2020, resulting in the most profound disruption in the history of education through widespread school closures. Although the full extent of its effects continues to be understood, the immediate consequence on student learning was evident as we quickly recognized the shortcomings of remote learning. Studies consistently show the pandemic led […]

Unlock the Power of Data: Your invitation to a transformative virtual summit

Feeling frustrated with data in your classroom or school? Our upcoming virtual summit, Data in Education, is designed to change that. We’ll help you transform data from a source of stress into a source of power, leading to better teaching, improved student outcomes, and smarter decision-making. What to expect at the summit: Is this summit […]

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Home Visits: Building a classroom family in Room 18

Last summer, I attended an educators’ conference focused on building a positive climate and culture in schools. The conference offered a variety of break-out sessions addressing topics such as engagement, retention, cultural competency, and relationship-building. What are home visits? I quickly noticed “home visits” as a commonly discussed practice at the conference: educators visiting the […]