Hiding in the School Building: Why Lockdown Drills Suck

We had our first lockdown drill today. For anyone unfamiliar with these drills, it’s practice for not if, but when we have an armed intruder in our school. It involves hiding all students away from any windows or doors and locking them in a secure place. If I am being completely honest, these drills make [...]

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The Value of Boredom: Overscheduled Kids and the Destruction of Childhood

A common conversation among parents: "What fall sport is Sara playing?" "Oh, y'know, the usual. Sara plays field hockey from 3:30-5:30 Monday through Thursday, with games on Fridays. She takes piano lessons Tuesday evening, and voice lessons on Thursdays. On Monday and Wednesday nights, she sees her math and English tutor. We leave the weekends [...]

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Class Meetings: A Strategy to Deal With Disruptions to Your Classroom Aura

The school year is off to a great start. You’ve spent the first few weeks building relationships with your students and creating communities where students can share and feel safe enough to be themselves. Your students are learning about you and your teaching style, while you are learning about their individual learning styles. Everything is [...]

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