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6 Tips For Teachers Surviving Starting Mid-Year During a Pandemic

Whether you are a new teacher graduating in December, coming back from maternity leave, or making a mid-year move, picking up a teaching position after the school year has begun is challenging.  I personally took over a teaching position after the first quarter of a school year, following a parade of substitutes. The previous teacher [...]

Smile for the Camera: Adjusting to the New “Normal” in a COVID-19 Classroom

This year, teaching is lonely. Like many other districts across the country, we are teaching and learning online for the foreseeable future.  I desperately want to be back in person with my students, but our national leadership is more concerned with political gain than American life. Wearing a mask is a political statement, cases aren’t [...]

Battling Teacher Exhaustion: 5 Do Now Tips!

Every teacher comes into the profession ready to change the world one life at a time.  Every teacher also learns quickly that changing the world is exhausting.   10 years ago, my buddy gave me a ride home from work.  As I stumbled out of his car holding what looked like a metric ton of stuff, [...]

“Why Didn’t Anyone Help Me?” The Truth Behind Abused Teachers Who Took Matters Into Their Own Hands

When the articles pop up on my timeline, I’m quick to click the link to each and every article that looks or sounds like this: “Teacher assaults student” “Educator and student fights” “Teacher fired after brawl with student” What I find to be interesting is that many, if not all of the teachers involved in [...]

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