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Alice has been teaching for fourteen years. She currently teaches English I, English III, English Language and Composition AP, and English Literature and Composition AP. She lives with her husband and son in south Louisiana. She also has hundreds of "adopted" children.

smilingteacherI felt we needed something a little light-hearted this week. We are almost in July, can you believe it? Enjoy the rest of your summer, you will be back to experiencing these things soon.
You know you are a teacher…

1. When the pack of pens you placed in your cup (that says Best Teacher in the World) have been replaced by one broken pencil.
2. When a student proudly declares, “I straightened up your room for you while you were gone!” and you are horrified and cannot find anything.
3. When the snack machine has been filled and there are only one row of M&Ms and you have another teacher stand guard till you find a dollar in change in your desk.
4. When you have loaned out at least $20.00 to students so they can pay for lunch.
5. When you have looked everywhere for your glasses and you are wearing them.
6. When your students are laughing and you have no idea why and you wonder if you have something stuck in your teeth or on your pants.
7. When a student has “stolen” an object that is crucial to your existence (ex. Promethean board pen or glue stick) and you threaten that no one leaves until it is returned.
8. When you love the school supply aisle and have to be dragged away before you spend your check on your students, again.
9. When you change from heels into your flip-flops, only your students know the truth.
10. When you finally go to the restroom and see yourself in the mirror, and think “I looked like that all day?” Egh.
11. When you are called to the principal’s office, and your heart drops a little.
12. When your co-workers warn you that “that” parent is here and you should stay in your classroom and not walk around school.
13. When your closet is packed with your school colors and you own tons of school spirit shirts.
14. When you have to look up words on urban dictionary or google to find out what your students are saying so you can decided whether to call home or write them up.
15. When you get called “Mom” by accident. (even better if at the high school level)
16. When you go to a fast food restaurant and get an extra set of fries from students who love you.
17. Or when you find out so and so is working at ___, you never, ever go there.
18. When you wonder why your students are so great when you are being observed, and then change immediately once the principal leaves. Why can’t they be that way all the time?
19. When you know the moon cycles affect behavior, you could write a thesis on it.
20. When you have corrected other people’s children in public.
21. When you have a secret hiding place at work so you could actually get work done on your prep.
22. When you have an affection for one-handed foods.
23. When some of your sick days turn into “mental health days.”
24. When you get sick, it is always when you are break.
25. When you have spilled coffee on your shirt and don’t even care anymore.
26. When you have a mini makeover survival kit including, a toothbrush, toothpaste, straighter, brush, make-up,  for when a parent shows up.
27. When your family knows more about your students than they probably should.
28. You receive cards telling your how wonderful you are with exceedingly bad grammar and misspelled words, but you love them anyway.
29. When July rolls around, you have mixed emotions of excitement and terror.
30. When you have back to school nightmares that are worse than you ever had in high school.

Please feel free to add any below in the comment section.

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