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FIVE Miserable COVID Truths Teachers Don’t Say Out Loud

I had extraordinarily high bookish ambitions when I realized I was going to be stuck at home for a year. As a fan of classical texts and modern classics, I had some woeful gaps in my reading resume. I was going to read John Steinbeck’s East of Eden. I was going to read Ralph Ellison’s, [...]

Publishing So White: 7 Essential Black Young Adult Authors

Last week, The New York Times published a piece examining the whiteness in the publishing industry. (Thank you to Pod Save the People for bringing it to my attention in your underreported news section. I learn something new from you every week!)  In the five major publications, they analyzed, from 1950-2018,  95% of their authors [...]

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Disrupt Grind Culture, But How?

Disrupt Grind Culture  I have been in school my entire life, constantly learning and moving towards my next achievement.  I went to college right after high school, as expected in my family and town. After graduating early from college, I went to grad school the next term and started teaching as soon as I earned [...]

Dear White Teachers, Black Students Matter

Dear White Teachers, Black Students Matter After George Floyd’s murder, I woke up to a string of messages from one of my Black students, M. She poured her heart out to me at three in the morning, releasing the burdens she carries as a young Black woman in America.   She said she was desperate to [...]

10 Reasons Why American Reconstruction Is the Most Important Unit I’ll Teach This Year

When I first started teaching the second-half of American history, my colleagues and I fell in love with the curriculum. The Civil War, the World Wars, the industrialization and rise of America, and the jazz age all piqued our interests. But one unit that always left us wanting more was Reconstruction. Often glossed over as [...]

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