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Anniversaries are Testimony: One Year of Pandemic Teaching and Learning

One year.   Just one.   And yet, a year feels like a pivot point.  So much sacrificed, rearranged.   Discussing the turning point battles of the second world war with my students had me analyzing the impact of specific dates. I informed my classes: '"My grandparents want you to know the importance of December 7, 1941. Your [...]

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Pronouns: The Least We Can Do for Students Who Identify As Transgender or Non-Binary

Discomfort For Solidarity  In a recent staff equity meeting, the concept of staff responsibility in gender pronouns came up. It seemed that everyone there had at least one student who used pronouns that didn’t necessarily align with the sex they were assigned at birth. And, they all fully supported the importance of honoring student’s pronouns  [...]

Opinion: The Teacher Stories We Tell Ourselves: Let’s Assume the Best

  We (yep, all of us) are stressed.  Students are swamped with work and desperate loneliness.  Parents are at their wits’ end trying to keep their jobs, kids, and sanity afloat.  Teachers are exhausted from the literal and emotional headache of online learning. Administrators are trying to balance the needs of their staff and students [...]

Nobody Trusts Teachers…It Took a Pandemic For Us To Really Understand This

Imagine a snowy Wednesday morning in February--a scheduled remote teaching day and a day following an actual, old-school type of snow day.   Picture many of those same teachers scrambling for child care because the district in which they live closed school, but the community they teach in tells them they either report to [...]

The Teacher Learns the Lesson: Reminiscing on 48 Years of Teaching

  Every future teacher has a lot to learn in college, but as I would soon find out after my college graduation day, nothing beats the “on the job training” you get when you go through that first year of teaching.  I was so excited when I received my first teaching job in Florida back [...]

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