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When we have the pressures of curriculum coverage, assessment calendars and students who can’t read, the idea of asking your maths class to read sounds crazy.  When I say “read” I don’t mean that you should put a textbook in front of your students.  Well, don’t give them JUST a textbook.  There are so many text types out there that can help demonstrate the concepts we teach in school.  Ask your school librarian or resource teacher for texts related to the topics you teach.  Visit the local library to broaden your text horizons.  There are some great picture books and videos that only take a few minutes to view and – with your help – students will read these and build on their background knowledge or spark a list of questions for further investigation.  It’s as simple as bringing a new text into the classroom.  If you want to make the reading in your content area more meaningful, check out The Read Write Think Strategy Guide.

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