About Cari Zall

Cari Zall has been a Social Sciences educator for over 12 years, in both brick & mortar and online environments. She currently works as the Curriculum and Instructional Support Manager for an online high school dropout recovery program, and is the Assignment Editor and a writer for The Educator’s Room, an online education magazine. Cari is certified in Gamification and has worked on several projects incorporating Gamification into online and traditional education environments. Her areas of expertise include Gamification and Student Resilience & Motivation; Conflict Resolution & Collaboration, and social justice education. Prior to her teaching career, Cari worked for 15 years in civil litigation and as a human rights activist in Northern Ireland and Washington, DC. She holds a BA in Conflict Analysis & Resolution, an Masters in Teaching, and an MA in Political Science. Cari is a James Madison Fellow, and is the author of the book, How to Finish the Test When Your Pencil Breaks: A Teacher Faces Layoff, Unemployment and a Career Shift. You can finder her on twitter at @teachacari.

the-educators-room-logoWelcome back to The Educator’s Room!  If you’ve been visiting this site for a while, we thank you for your continued patronage!  If you are new to our magazine, we’re so glad you’ve found us, and we are confident that there is something here for you.  To get this school year started, and our second year publishing articles by teachers for teachers, we’ve changed our look!  We are proud to launch the new TER, with a bold, new look to match our bold, determined vision.  So whether you are new to our online magazine, or you’ve been with us from the start, we want to introduce ourselves!

Our Name

The Educator’s Room is the sole invention of its founder and creator, Franchesca Warren.  Fran has been a classroom teacher for over 15 years, and works with teachers to help them hone their craft, increase their best practices, and find new ways to work with their students.  Fran’s vision was to create a room to which educators can come that is a judgment-free, collaborative space.  A room where educators write about their very real experiences, and where other educators can share in those experiences and relate their own.  Fran’s vision has remained true to its origins.  The Educator’s Room is one of the few places on the internet where all the articles are written by working educators, and where all views and perspectives are welcome.  When you need a break from the relentless work of teaching, or you are looking for tips on an area you’re struggling with, this is your room – your space – to find camaraderie and encouragement.

Our Mission

The mission of The Educator’s Room is to empower educators in their areas of expertise.  We find that many teachers don’t even realize they are experts in their field.  Our goal is to not only help you realize your own expertise, but to help you build and enhance it!  In a field swarming with commentators and politicians ready to make educators the villains, we believe putting educators first puts students first.  We want you to be proud of the profession you have chosen and we want to help make that profession worth building and keeping.

Our Personality

 The Educator’s Room definitely has a personality!  It is inspiring, upbeat, thoughtful, optimistic, and it believes in the expertise of educators.  It is determined and its writers are ready to do the hard work of translating the real experiences of teaching at all levels and in every subject area into language that all teachers can benefit from.  And now, with its new look, TER is bursting with fresh energy and ready to make our second year a huge success!

Our Plans

The Educator’s Room is more than an online magazine.  It is a community of educators, both writers and readers.  We are proud that our cadre of writers have so much real-life experience to offer, and that they are willing to share their expertise with us all.  We are excited about the two books we have published in the last six months, and the new ones that will be published soon!  We have a You Tube channel with videos of chats with our writers and other experts that you can watch, and we are thrilled about the new varieties of content that will be introduced as the year progresses.  We are also looking forward to our first Educator’s Room Conference 2014: Empowering Educators as the Experts — we hope you will join us in Atlanta next summer! As we grow and add to our content, we welcome your suggestions, contributions and participation.  Join us on our Facebook Page, and follow us on Twitter!

After all, if The Educator’s Room is anything, it is a community.  And we’re so glad you’ve joined us!



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