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I have been in education for over 15 years. I began my education journey as a preschool teacher and program director at Lil'Acorns Academy, a Quality Rated preschool that I founded. My goal was to nurture a love of learning and foster emotional, intellectual, and social growth in children ages 2-6. I have an undergraduate degree in Child Development. In 2018, I decided to close my preschool to pursue my lifelong dream of being an Elementary School Teacher. I got my Master's in Elementary Education and began teaching third grade in August 2020 at a local public school in my state. I am a doctoral candidate at Brenau University, where I am doing educational research for my upcoming dissertation. My passion is education, equity in education, valuing diversity, and meeting diverse learners' needs.

Opinion: Protect Transgender Students: Block Anti-Transgender Sports Ban Bill

In recent news, Michigan filed a bill, SB 218, violating the human rights of high school transgender students. More than 20 states are adopting an anti-transgender student bill that would ban high school transgender students from playing on sports teams that match their gender identity. Why was this bill introduced? The reasoning behind the bill [...]

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Marjorie Taylor Greene: A Disastrous Decision for Education and Labor Committee

Marjorie Taylor Greene (Rep) was recently elected to Congress in November 2020. Mrs. Greene is a well-known QAnon supporter and has been vocal in her support of the False Flag theories. Mrs. Greene posted in 2018 on her Facebook that the Parkland massacre that killed 17 students was a “false flag.” In a recent YouTube [...]

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How Covid-19 Has Changed Public Education Forever, But Not Everyone Has Gotten the Memo

There was no way to know precisely how the world would change when the novel virus Covid-19 began to take hold globally. Economies were shut down, many people lost their jobs, people got sick, people died, national lockdowns went into effect, and schools closed three months early in March 2020. Common Core is no Longer [...]

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Teaching During a Global Pandemic: Addressing Hunger, Homelessness, Abuse, Neglect, and Equity in Education.

Never before has education been so uncertain and inconsistent in the states. Schools have always varied in their effectiveness, equity, and opportunity in every state and every county. This year, however, every school experience will look different, and every child will struggle with different things. Pressure mounts for parents to provide their child with expensive [...]

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