About Brittany White

Brittany wears many hats including wife, educator, mentor, and friend. She has made it her life’s mission to impact the lives of others through education and service. Her passion and commitment to education earned her the privilege of being named the 2017-2018 Teacher of the Year at her school. Her mission as an educator is to facilitate students’ development, create life-long learners, and promote healthy, collaborative environments for students and educators.

It’s time to talk about the culture of fear around standardized testing

The temperatures are warming. The skies are bright. The birds are chirping. Spring fever is in full effect, and everyone is awaiting summertime! Unfortunately for educators and students, there is a huge hump to get over...standardized testing. End of the year assessments are looming over us. It seems like the entire school year comes down [...]

What Teachers Need From Instructional Coaches

Have you ever thought about the role of instructional coaches? There are various models and expectations that instructional coaches have across different school districts. According to one school district, a few job descriptors for an instructional coach include: working with teachers to provide research-based instruction based on the school improvement plan and model effective instructional [...]

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