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Making Sense of Special Education Paperwork: 3 Systems That Save Me Each and Every Time

I took a new position this year, one where the teaching I've been doing is the same, but the paperwork is not, I am a special education teacher in a resource room for kindergarten through third grade. For those of you are new to the special education area (like me) and are literally wallowing in [...]

They’re More than Monuments… Reconsidering History in Classrooms

by: Daniel Osborn History educators are returning to their classrooms this fall after a summer that was full of discord surrounding the fate of monuments venerating Confederate leaders. The removal or proposed removal of statues from New Orleans, Louisiana to Charlottesville, Virginia exposed social divisions and revealed the divergent historical narratives told in this country. [...]

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Why I Create a Class Motto

Why do I spend several lessons during my first weeks of school creating a class motto? There's so much to do. Students need to learn rules, routines, and procedures. There's the beginning of the year assessments. And the curriculum isn't waiting. Still, despite these many pressures, I find it worthwhile to take two or three [...]

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I No Longer Want to Be Professionally Developed Due to Brain Overload

I love conferences. I always have, and now that I’m working in education, I love them even more. My background is in history and archaeology, so there was always a lot of them. You would prepare research, or just go and listen to what other people in the field were doing. Plus, it was always [...]

A How To List For Flexible Classroom Seating

I don't know why it took me so long to jump into flexible classroom seating. After 27 years of dodging clunky desks, tripping over backpacks and watching kids fidget uncomfortably in their hard plastic seats, I had had enough. I've had classes as large as 38, and it just was too hard to fit that [...]