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Let the Pandemic be the Mother of Innovation in Schools

The school year is winding down and the states are opening up. Some people are wondering how this summer is going to shape up. Will we be traveling? Having backyard barbecues? Going to the beach? Will we see a resurgence of COVID 19? Educators (and parents), however, are looking toward the fall. Will schools reopen? [...]

Assessing with Multiple Choices Instead of Multiple Choice: A Way to Transform Education

By Terri Eichholz  In the maker space where I previously worked, we required students to get 100% on tool safety tests before they were allowed to use the tools. My colleague had created the tests before I arrived on the scene, but when we received a new CNC machine I volunteered. I put links in [...]

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Still Learning from Kindergarten to Say “Yes” or “No”

I watched as 18 sweaty kindergarten students filed back into their classroom after their first-ever outdoor recess period. Some walked confidently to a seat; a few hesitated, scanning the room before finding their assigned chair.  Soft music played in the dimly lit classroom, and there were some papers and crayons laid out on each table.  [...]

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How to Prepare for Your Best Year Yet (Self-Care Edition)

As I walk in Target (for no reason at all) to mindlessly scroll the candles, I am stopped in my tracks. I can’t believe what I’m seeing! The colorful, seasonal display for Back to school is set up. All I can do is shake my head at the reality that summer is ending (particularly here [...]