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Check on your Immigrant Teacher Friends, We’re Not Ok!

A question that I’m asked every morning by colleagues almost instinctively is “how you doing?” and without giving the question much thought, I always respond with “I’m good!” I know this is a superficial response but that question is a loaded one, and as teachers, we know that we’re all struggling right now. It is [...]

I’m a Teacher and I’m Counting down the Days until my School Shuts Down

I want to start this article with a confession: I’m counting down the days till when my school finally shuts down. No seriously, every morning as I sit at my desk in my classroom, I immediately check off another day on my calendar signifying another day that has passed in which I’ve physically been teaching [...]

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COVID-19 Has Made Me Rethink My Instruction: 5 Online Tools to Use in Language Arts Classes

We’re a week away from returning to in-person teaching for the new school year and the obvious anxieties and fear about being back at school, where the spread of COVID-19 feels inevitable and is on everyone’s minds. This year, teaching will take on new challenges and risks, and no amount of mental preparation will make [...]

It’s Time to take Social Studies Seriously in Schools

Quick request: Raise your hand if you took a Social Studies course in high school. Next, think about whether it was a required course or an elective. On June 1st, 2020, The Educators Room Instagram Account (@theeducatorsroom) reposted a post from Rachel (Goan) Turner's Twitter account (@ChattanoogaChat) who tweeted about the future of Social Studies [...]

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