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About Jheanell Lumsden

Jheanell Lumsden is a young, black educator who hails from Jamaica but is currently working in Toronto, Canada. She is dedicated to ensuring her curriculum is diverse and reflective of stories from all over the world and from groups that are typically left out from English curriculum. Furthermore, she works to create a revolutionary classroom in which her students are critically thinking about the world and seeking to enact real change.

2020: Reflections of an Educator Working Through a Pandemic

I’m writing this article as I sit in my living room, on the cusp of a new year, thinking about what it means to be moving into a new chapter, a new milestone, etc. However, I spent the better part of my morning scrolling social media and I saw several people reflecting on the highlights [...]

Compassionate Teaching is Key Especially During This Pandemic

Over the past few months, I’ve been noticing tweets from users about their teachers and their online class experiences. These two stood out to me in particular: https://twitter.com/JefferyxBball/status/1333102420201771008?s=20 https://twitter.com/HeatherTDay/status/1249503272639107076?s=20 These tweets reveal several things but the main thing that stood out to me is that compassionate teaching is even more necessary during these uncertain times. [...]

Check on your Immigrant Teacher Friends, We’re Not Ok!

A question that I’m asked every morning by colleagues almost instinctively is “how you doing?” and without giving the question much thought, I always respond with “I’m good!” I know this is a superficial response but that question is a loaded one, and as teachers, we know that we’re all struggling right now. It is [...]

I’m a Teacher and I’m Counting down the Days until my School Shuts Down

I want to start this article with a confession: I’m counting down the days till when my school finally shuts down. No seriously, every morning as I sit at my desk in my classroom, I immediately check off another day on my calendar signifying another day that has passed in which I’ve physically been teaching [...]

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