About Sylvia Denice

Sylvia Denice started her teaching career as an upper-elementary teacher and is now a middle school special educator in Indianapolis, Indiana. She serves as Vice Chairman of Renaissance Kids, Inc., a non-profit organization committed to supporting Indianapolis youth through social, emotional, cultural, and academic programming. In addition to writing for The Educator's Room, Sylvia has been featured as a guest blogger for Indy Education, a publication under the Citizen Education network.

An Experiment In Gratitude

I had the most positive student teaching experience I could have ever imagined. I was mentored by phenomenal, passionate, effective, caring educators who graciously answered my questions and modeled by their example what it meant to do what’s in the best interest of students as not just learners of academics but learners of life. I [...]

Home Visits: Building A Classroom Family in Room 18

Last summer, I was given the opportunity to attend an educators’ conference focused on building positive climate and culture in schools. A variety of break-out sessions were offered, addressing topics including engagement, retention, cultural competency, and relationship-building. I quickly noticed “home visits” as a commonly discussed practice at the conference: educators visiting the homes of [...]

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I Wish My Teacher Knew: Beneath the Surface

In April of 2015, Colorado teacher Kyle Schwartz facilitated a writing activity in her third-grade classroom she called “I Wish My Teacher Knew.” Schwartz prompted students to complete the sentence “I wish my teacher knew…” with their own truths, hoping to understand her students on a deeper level. The activity yielded heart-wrenching responses from “I [...]

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