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About Sylvia Denice

Sylvia Denice started her teaching career as an upper-elementary teacher and is now a middle school special educator in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Won’t You Be My Neighbor?: The Neuroscience Behind Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood

Mister Rogers and his philosophy of loving our neighbors as they are has gained momentum over the past year, especially since the release of the biographical documentary film Won’t You Be My Neighbor? in 2018. What’s more, the trailer for the film “A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood” starring Tom Hanks as Fred Rogers was [...]

Why Your School Doesn’t Need to Adopt a “Social-Emotional Curriculum”

Curriculum adoption is a persistent conversation education. Schools and districts continuously evaluate new programs and texts to best support teaching and learning. School districts adopt curriculums often on a predetermined, cyclical timeline. Veterans teaching the same grade levels or subject areas for decades are learning new practices and methods, regardless of their history of student [...]

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New Tricks for Old Dogs: What Novice Teachers Offer

With 44% of teachers quitting within the first five years of entering the profession, it is statistically likely you know a teacher like me: one who has yet to cross the five-year threshold. I am almost there, approaching my fifth year, but have yet to earn esteem as a “veteran teacher” among my colleagues. Rightfully [...]

Thanks For The Compliment, But I’m Not A Superhero

Until I became an educator, I never imagined superheroism influencing my professional life. Thus far, my teaching career has been marked by the release of several Avengers, Fantastic Four, and Justice League films. I have taught many a super superhero fan and acquired my own taste for the superhero genre through my fourth graders’ enthusiasm [...]

The Motivation Myth

Summer for teachers has arrived! While you may be imagining my days are spent lounging by the pool sipping cocktails (don’t get me wrong, I will make that happen eventually), the implication of summer break for me at this point means professional development. Summer professional development takes a variety of forms, from workshops to podcasts [...]

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