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Sylvia Denice started her teaching career as an upper-elementary teacher and is now a middle school special educator in Indianapolis, Indiana. She serves as Vice Chairman of Renaissance Kids, Inc., a non-profit organization committed to supporting Indianapolis youth through social, emotional, cultural, and academic programming. In addition to writing for The Educator's Room, Sylvia has been featured as a guest blogger for Indy Education, a publication under the Citizen Education network.

“Young Voices Matter:” My Fifteen-Year-Old Sister’s Response to the Florida Massacre

Written by Sylvia Denice This is my sister Ellie.  At fifteen years old, Ellie’s time is consumed mostly by school, swimming, and socializing.  She’s an enthusiastic learner, listener, observer, and friend with a cheery disposition. Ellie has goals and dreams of her future, going to college to study Education or Journalism--no denying that relation!  On [...]

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