About Sylvia Denice

Sylvia Denice started her teaching career as an upper-elementary teacher and is now a middle school special educator in Indianapolis, Indiana. She serves as Vice Chairman of Renaissance Kids, Inc., a non-profit organization committed to supporting Indianapolis youth through social, emotional, cultural, and academic programming. In addition to writing for The Educator's Room, Sylvia has been featured as a guest blogger for Indy Education, a publication under the Citizen Education network.

New Tricks for Old Dogs: What Novice Teachers Offer

With 44% of teachers quitting within the first five years of entering the profession, it is statistically likely you know a teacher like me: one who has yet to cross the five-year threshold. I am almost there, approaching my fifth year, but have yet to earn esteem as a “veteran teacher” among my colleagues. Rightfully [...]

Thanks For The Compliment, But I’m Not A Superhero

Until I became an educator, I never imagined superheroism influencing my professional life. Thus far, my teaching career has been marked by the release of several Avengers, Fantastic Four, and Justice League films. I have taught many a super superhero fan and acquired my own taste for the superhero genre through my fourth graders’ enthusiasm [...]

The Motivation Myth

Summer for teachers has arrived! While you may be imagining my days are spent lounging by the pool sipping cocktails (don’t get me wrong, I will make that happen eventually), the implication of summer break for me at this point means professional development. Summer professional development takes a variety of forms, from workshops to podcasts [...]

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