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How Principals Should Model NCAA Women’s Basketball Post Conferences to Cultivate Effective, Culturally Intelligent Teachers

Every March, the NCAA March Madness showcases the best and brightest in women’s basketball to millions of viewers. And every year, principals and administrators observe teachers for at least 45 minutes to grade their effectiveness as teachers. This is such a high-stakes procedure, as anything can happen that would make the most effective teacher, look […]

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Why Teacher Prep Programs MUST tap into the MAGIC that is Abbott Elementary

Abbott Elementary is the gift that keeps on giving to teacher prep programs because it highlights and emphasizes the intangibles that far transcend coursework around content, pedagogy, or lesson planning. Instead, the television series introduces the challenges, the cultivation, the productive struggle, and, most importantly, the JOY found on ‘Abbott Elementary campuses across the country. […]

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Teaching and Basketball:  Five key takeaways from the Women’s SEC Basketball Tournament that teachers must understand to cultivate successful students

If you watched the Women’s SEC Basketball Tournament this past weekend, you saw some of the league’s best female players engage in amazingly electrifying basketball in pursuit of the coveted SEC Championship title. Each team, regardless of seeding, showed up prepared to achieve one of the goals that have been on their vision boards since […]