Response To Intervention: One Teacher’s Story

A decade ago, I was the first classroom teacher at my elementary school to complete a round of RTI.  The counselor, principal and I went into the process with confusion, determined to get a struggling third-grade student the help she needed.  Since those early RTI days, I’ve provided tier II and III interventions and watched [...]

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Making Special Education Work For Everyone

I teach in a mild/moderate special education classroom, meaning that all of my kids are on IEPs and have been placed in my room because they meet disability criteria that my school district recognizes. They are able to attend a regular education classroom for all other subjects besides reading, language arts, math and adaptive behavior. [...]

Making Sense of Special Education Paperwork: 3 Systems That Save Me Each and Every Time

I took a new position this year, one where the teaching I've been doing is the same, but the paperwork is not, I am a special education teacher in a resource room for kindergarten through third grade. For those of you are new to the special education area (like me) and are literally wallowing in [...]

The Off-Duty Teacher: What I Do to Feel Relaxed and Refreshed

It's Monday afternoon, you've just spent the last 9+ hours on your feet teaching 130 students. You've barely had time for lunch and now two hours after dismissal, you're ready to go home. However, you find that it's hard to program your time at home because you're still processing the events of the school day. [...]