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James Gets a Grip on Losing: A Lesson for Today

By Julie Letofsky I’ve been thinking a lot this past week about James, a child in my second grade class years ago. James loved recess more than anything that went on in the classroom. Basketball, soccer, even just tossing a football – James lived for these activities. He was hyper-competitive; he HAD to be the [...]

I’m Not a Lunch Bunch Kind of Teacher But COVID-19 Has Changed Me

  by Jennifer M. Sierra I’ve never been a “lunch bunch” kind of teacher. I’ve spent most of my career teaching high school—mostly juniors, a few sophomores, a few seniors. Even now, in my fourth year of teaching middle school, the concept of a lunch bunch is still way too elementary for me.  Additionally, it’s [...]

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Whichever Way You Cut It School in 2020 is Hard

Guest Writer: Dr. Noor Ali, Principal, Al-Hamra Academy Fall 2020 school reopening has been a tricky, tricky business. It has been a time of untold stress and unfathomable planning. It has required flexing of all our known boundaries and delving into the great uncertainty that only a pandemic could unleash. From is this really a health [...]

What it Means to be a Principal During a Pandemic

Guest Writer: Dr. Noor Ali, Principal, Al-Hamra Academy Of course, nobody prepared school leaders for a pandemic-sized crisis. This is understood. Nobody is ever prepared for the exception. We prepare for the norm, and if we’re adventurous, we plan to push the envelope on the norm to create a change agency. We calculate, evaluate, and [...]

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