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A Valentine to a Teacher

by Sarah Macha                 February 14th is a day of dread for most teachers. Kids are high on candy, hormones and rival the vibrato of wolves during a full moon. Helium balloons bounce around, red and pink packaging fill the hallways and the scent of $5 roses linger in the air like a bad perfume that won’t [...]

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Race-Conscious Reading For Preschool

Guest Writer: Marisa Lark Wallin Initiating conversations about race and culture in your regular reading can help young children resist being socialized into white supremacy. Black Lives Matter At School national week of action will happen this February 3-7, 2020. There are many things you can do to participate in the movement individually or with [...]

Accountability is a Joke

Guest Writer: Adam Sutton Accountability has been a required buzz word when talking about school reform for 20 years.  It ties results to school spending. In particular, test scores and student achievement data are expected to rise with spending.  Accountability’s current usage is useless and divisive. Accountability, as it stands, is a way to lay [...]

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