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Opinion: An Open Letter to Teachers of Color Dealing with Guilt while Working at a Predominantly White Institution (PWI)

Guest Writer: Jheanell Lumsden Dear Teacher of Color, You’re about to begin a new school year, and as a teacher of color, you know that our teaching experiences are vastly different from our white counterparts. Each academic year can feel like an even steeper uphill battle, and we may end up even more emotionally and [...]

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Teaching Romeo and Juliet to Beginning Level English Learners

Guest Writer: Karissa Knox Sorrell Teaching English Learners who are new to the country and are non-English speakers is a challenge at every grade, but it can be particularly challenging at the high school level when students have to earn credits, pass multiple state end-of-course exams, and engage with complex texts on a daily basis. With [...]

Jealousy has been my Teacher

by: Jessie Fuller I am a jealous person.  You wouldn’t know it upon early or even prolonged interaction. Closet envier may be the better description. I veil it rather expertly, kind of like the same way I hide the chocolate chip bag in the vegetable crisper - stealthy, I know. The slope that I slide [...]

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Self-Care Tips for the New Teacher: The Black Immigrant Perspective

Guest Writer: Jheanell Lumsden I remember leaving my classroom after teaching one of my toughest classes and crying in the bathroom of my placement school during my student teaching practicum. This was something that happened quite often. I constantly felt like I was drowning and I would often question whether teaching, in urban communities, was [...]

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