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4 Ways This Teacher Is Thankful

Teachers are constantly pushing.  Pushing students to write better.  Pushing them to read more challenging materials.  Pushing them to make better arguments.  Pushing them to practice their music.  Then, when students master the task at hand, teachers find something else to improve.  It’s implicit in the job. This constant drive to grow and be better [...]

The 5 Stages of Grief Pandemic Style

This morning I attended a virtual conference on Teacher Self Care presented by the Educator’s Room.  First of all, this was so nice to be connected with like-minded people and not feel isolated for a change.  During one session presented by Caitlin Mehra on emotions.  It was here I had my own “Aha” moment regarding [...]

Why Grieve For Someone Who Do Not Know: A Teacher’s Edition

After a long day of online tutoring, I took a brain break and began skimming my Twitter feed mindlessly.  Tweet after tweet flooded the screen posts announcing the untimely passing of Chadwick Boseman, the amazing actor who brought to life Thurgood Marshall, Jackie Robinson, and my favorite -  T’Challa -The Black Panther.  I sat there [...]

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Obstinance Has No Place in Teaching and Learning

For teachers, it is a fact of life that they teach lessons.  One of those lessons is to help students grapple with new, difficult, and controversial ideas.  To help students make sense and place those ideas within their own experiences is part of the job; I enjoy it.  So, this week, as my frustrations in [...]

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