Band-Aiding The Mental Health of Our Children

I deal with the most difficult of kids. In all of my years of teaching, I have been called The Pied Piper for Children’s Behavior and a Child Whisperer. But one thing that has never gotten easier is seeing seven, eight and nine-year-old children on medications that can eventually cause more harm than good. [...]

Why is The Positivity Project Making My Kids So Negative?

Have you heard about the Positivity Project, sometimes referred to as "P2?" Maybe you have seen the hashtag:  #OtherPeopleMatter? Or possibly you have seen an adult or child wearing a green shirt or hat with the positivity project logo? The Positivity Project, started by two West Point-trained military veterans, was not initially about schools, but [...]

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YA Books for Mental Health Awareness

    This week, October 7-13, is Mental Illness Awareness Week. October also happens to be National Bully Prevention Month with the 11th being National Depression Screening Day. (World Suicide Prevention Day was September 10) To honor this, my Classroom Library display and all my book talks for the month focus on mental illness, wellness, [...]