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the narrative-2It is hard to put into words the feeling I felt when that school bell rang at 7:55 signaling the start of the first day of school. Parents had left with their cameras full of “first day” pictures and no one was in the back observing my teaching and making sure my lesson plans were followed word for word. As strange as it felt, it hit me that these were now my kids, I was their teacher. It is true that teachers spend more waking hours with their students than their parents spend with them. Was I qualified enough for this? I hoped so.

As my fourteen students sat at their desks quietly filling out their “All About Me” worksheet, I introduced myself and told them we were going to have a fabulous year, filled with lots of learning but also lots of fun. As I took center stage, I felt right at ease and the nerves I previously felt immediately dissipated. As my students smiled back (some already raising their hands with questions for me) I couldn’t contain my enthusiasm. I had been waiting for this moment since I was in their seats in second grade and now it was finally here.

After that first day I felt joy. I felt happiness. And most importantly I felt a desire to be the best because my kids deserve the very best. I know it isn’t going to be easy and I know there will be nights where I should probably just pitch a tent in my classroom. However, I have a calling to teach and that is exactly what I am going to do, no matter how hard it is.


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