“Hop” follows an eclectic group of besties whose comedic adventures teach preschoolers to embrace their own, and others’, uniqueness.

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HBO Max has set April 4 as the premiere for the new animated children’s series, Hop, which focuses on highlighting characters who all have some type of disability. Created by “Arthur” alums Marc Brown and Tolon Brown along with Peter K. Hirsch, the 26-episode series will first debut with six half-hour episodes, with the remaining episodes to roll out the remainder of this year.

“I am beyond excited to finally share ‘Hop’ April 4th on Max,” said Marc Brown. “I believe we’ve created a safe, inviting show that will challenge our viewers to understand and appreciate people who are not like them, and to encourage children to act with tolerance and kindness. This show is a labor of love, and I hope it brings joy and inspiration to children and families everywhere.”  

Created by the mind behind the beloved “Arthur” series, “Hop” follows an eclectic group of besties whose comedic adventures teach preschoolers to embrace their own, and others’, uniqueness. Led by Hop, an enthusiastic, empathetic frog with one leg shorter than the other, he and his quirky friends address kid-relatable challenges with a healthy dose of laughter, silliness, and adventure. Set in the aspirational community of Fair Village, every episode is grounded in emotional reality but soars into the world of fantasy, populated by dragons, trolls, and talking banjos. With a gentle balance of humor and heart, our heroes promise to captivate audiences with delightful journeys filled with friendship, valuable life lessons and endless possibilities.

“Working with Marc, Peter and Tolon has been an absolute pleasure. Their commitment to inclusive story-telling and their skill at leading our entire creative team has been inspiring for everyone. I am especially proud of the authentic casting and the diverse writers and creative team we brought together for this series,” said Ken Faier, founder of Epic Story Media. “Our goal has always been to make epic content for kids with the world’s best creators. It’s a wonderful achievement and we are thrilled to be working with the team at Max and Warner Bros. Discovery. More announcements from around the world to come!”

The premiere of “Hop” marks a significant milestone in inclusive children’s entertainment, with the entire ensemble cast coping with some type of disability, helping kids relate to, and better understand, others—challenges that are often also reflected in the show. RespectAbility, the esteemed advocacy nonprofit organization fighting stigma and advancing opportunity for people with disabilities, was brought on to consult on the series. With its enchanting animation, lovable characters, and meaningful storytelling, “Hop” is set to become a new favorite for audiences both big and small.

Don’t miss the debut of “Hop” Thursday, April 4 on HBO Max, when six half-hour episodes will premiere with laughter, friendship, and endless fun! A total of twenty-six episodes are set to roll out this year on Max.

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