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By Jan Jackson

For many parents, teachers and students the school year is starting soon–very soon. Gone are the late morning starts and endless evenings playing well into the night. Instead parents are attempting to enforce bed times and anticipating the upcoming school year.

 To help get our children prepared here are some simple tips for parents to implement the month before school starts. These seven tips will help to simplify the transition from summer break to the new school year!


1. Have your child to read to you (or you read to him/her) for 15 minutes a day. Afterwards, discuss the characters, setting, and 3 major events that happened in the story.

2. Turn your car ride time into math time! While riding in the car to your next destination, take the time to have a math challenge with your child. It’s the perfect time to review simple math facts, measure miles and estimate distance.

3. During the summer months, children may get out of the routine of going to bed at a decent time. Therefore, during the month before school starts, encourage your child to go to bed at a reasonable time so that he/she is back in the routine once school starts.

4. Technology has taken over, and it is a big part of children’s lives starting at an early age. Not only is it used for social and safety purposes but school assignments and tasks as well. Therefore, take the time to remind your child of your expectations and their responsibilities as it pertains to technology use.

5. Plan to purchase uniforms and school supplies now! You get the best deals a month before school starts!

6. Create a Back-to School schedule that includes chores, homework time, and extracurricular activities. This helps to manage and organize your child’s time going into the school year which cuts down on a lot of stress!

7. Talk with your child about their goals for the upcoming school year. You may even choose to ask how you can help them to reach a goal. For instance, if your child is showing signs of  struggling in a particular subject, then he/she may need your help with choosing a tutor.

What are some tips you have to prepare your kids for the brand, new school year?

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