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Lady Looking At Books Shows EducationThis is the time of year where teachers are either getting ready for the fall or job hunting. There is another population of teachers that are thinking about leaving their current position. Leaving is not a decision to be made lightly. No one wants to burn bridges from the current position, though sometimes the teacher’s mental health may hinge on a new position. Being happy at work is important in a person’s daily life. There are many factors that need to be considered when making the decisions to stay or go.


Everyone deserves to feel safe at their work. No one at any point should be afraid, whether you’re walking to class or walking to your car. If you find yourself being worried or scared about going to work than it is time to evaluate what you want out of your job. If your goal is to work with inner city students then that is going to come with the territory. If you are getting tired of looking over your shoulder while walking to your car, than it is definitely time to rethink your goals. Your family is also part of the safety factor. If they are worrying about you on a daily basis, then you do need to consider them as well.


Teachers look for administrators that are going to support them without micromanaging or abandoning. Teaching is an art, teachers should be able to conduct their art in a way that they feel can help their students. If you find yourself being constricted and that this is an everyday frustration that requires you to constantly seek ways to unwind, you need to start asking yourself why you’re staying. If you feel supported and you love working for your principal than you are absolutely in the right place.


Stress is a fact of life. But if the stress of your job is effecting your home life, than it isn’t worth it. Evaluating your stress levels and if they contribute to stresses at home is vital in deciding if staying or going is the right decision.


When I say atmosphere, I mean the atmosphere of the building between staff members. If you’re avoiding the faculty lounge at lunch because of the other people eating, than that is a good sign it’s time to go. If eating in the faculty lounge is your favorite time of day and the monthly happy hour is something you always look forward to, than the camaraderie at your school loans itself to a happy staff that most likely works well together. It is also important that the staff works with each other and shares ideas. If the atmosphere of the school is one that encourages competition with little reward for being a team player, than maybe it isn’t the place you want to be for the long term. However, if you can’t wait to share with your grade level and they even put in copies for each other, than staying there would probably be ideal.


The commute can make or break a job. It could be your dream school that’s a two hour drive away from your own child’s school that breaks the deal. Spending money on tolls can also be a hardship. Carpooling is a great solution if other teachers live near you. A commute is a very personal thing. Each person feels differently about the worth of traveling or not traveling to a good job.

Good luck to all the job hunters, whether you’re seeking a new position or a change of position.

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