First Day Jitters

It is hard to put into words the feeling I felt when that school bell rang at 7:55 signaling the start of the first day of school. Parents had left with their cameras full of “first day” pictures and no one was in the back observing my teaching and making sure my lesson plans were [...]

To Student Teachers, From a First-Year Teacher

courtesy Last week my credential program invited me to come speak to the current teacher candidates about my experience as a student teacher and transitioning into full-time teaching. Now, this is kind of bizarre for me – who am I to tell these people about teaching? I mean, I just started this [...]

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The New Teacher’s Survival Guide: 5 Crucial Habits

This is the final piece of a five-part series called The New Teacher’s Survival Guide. Start from the beginning here, with creating a support network.   courtesy It’s hard, this whole teaching thing. It really is. And for every amazing, inspiring day during this, my first year, I have one that is [...]

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The New Teacher's Survival Guide: Retaining Relationship and Authority with Students

courtesy This is part four of a five-part series, but it would be dishonest to say this was the fourth week. No, I disappeared from the blogosphere for two weeks, leaving this series without update. I guess that’s indicative of the first year of teaching: my priority is my classroom, and when [...]

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The New Teacher's Survival Guide: Planning Meaningful Lessons

Welcome to The new Teacher’s Survival Guide! This is part three of a five-part series. Start from the beginning with part one, here.   courtesy Every Friday, I ask my students to write down for me three things they got from class that week. It can be something from the content, something [...]

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