What Do You Do With the Highly Advanced Reader?

As a teacher of gifted students, I’ve come to expect the unexpected. Most students demonstrate asynchronous development. Others are bright but underachieving. Still, other students are not truly gifted, but are bright “teacher pleasers,” with the sort of behaviors that make teachers lives easier. What I did not expect was to find three students in [...]

Why Poetry Is So Great for Teaching Growth Mindset

When she first studied students to learn about how a growth mindset can be instilled in people, Carol Dweck gave kids puzzles.  After successfully completing the somewhat easy puzzles, one group of kids was praised for their effort while the other was praised for their talent at puzzles or for being “good at puzzles.”  Thus [...]

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And then, the Plot Mountain Blows its Lid Off!

You probably have encountered the plot mountain diagram: Exposition. Rising action. Climax. Falling action. Resolution.                   The plot mountain diagram is taught with short stories in English Language Arts at different grade levels, but I suspect that like most graphic organizers, the plot mountain diagram is over-taught, especially in [...]

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A Paul Bunyan Story Map Becomes a Lesson in Racism

As it often happens, I was looking for one thing (Google's expansion into creating maps and navigation tools) when I came upon another. I had clicked my way to a story map of the folk tale hero Paul Bunyan. I had followed a link to the Osher Library Map Cartographic Southern Maine University website and soon was down an [...]