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  • 30 Picture Books for Black History Month

    on Feb 8, 16 • in Current Events in Education, Featured, Instructional Strategies, Literacy • with Comments


    First, let’s get something obvious out of the way. Black history is American history. It shouldn’t be relegated to one month out of the year. It should be taught every day. That said, that’s just not happening in K-12 classrooms today. So until that happens, I feel Black History Month is not only worth celebrating, but necessary. Too many students enter my classroom with little awareness of Black history beyond Martin Luther King, Jr. and Rosa Parks. So here are 30 (not 28 or 29) children’s books to help celebrate (Spoiler: You won’t find any

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  • Using Reader’s Notebooks in Middle School

    on Feb 5, 16 • in Featured, Instruction&Curriculum, Literacy • with Comments

    a glimpse of our Reader Notebooks

    I’ve been approached by many teachers who ask me, if you don’t use reading logs to monitor how much your students are reading, what do you use? My solution has been to run a Reader’s Workshop in my classroom where all my students keep a reader’s notebook. According to experts like Penny Kittle, Donalyn Miller, and Kelly Gallagher, giving students choice in what they read is paramount in getting kids to read more and to read better. While I would love to institute a full-blown Reader’s Workshop in my classroom, I have other curriculum requirements

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  • Allow Young Readers To Unfold

    on Jan 25, 16 • in Featured, Instruction&Curriculum, Literacy • with Comments

    Allow young Readers to unfold

    My firsties get so excited when the ability to blend sounds together to make words starts to click! They start sounding out anything and everything they come into contact with. Inevitably though I have two or three students in my classroom that things don’t ‘click’ quite as readily as the others. This is definitely a blow to not only my little ones’ excitement, but their self-esteem as well. We all know how important confidence level is with pre-emergent and emergent readers. So what do we do as beginning readers begin spanning different reading levels in

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  • Four Reasons Why I’m In Love With Chromebooks In The Classroom

    on Jan 22, 16 • in Common Core, Educational Apps, Instruction&Curriculum, Languages, Literacy, Middle School • with Comments

    Leave a -momism- below!

    I cannot deny it any longer – I’m in love with Chromebooks. Chromebooks have transformed my teaching. All those times in the last 25 years when I used to say, “Well, that would be easy if I had a class set of computers” has turned into my reality. Chromebooks have become a wonderful tool for teachers in the 21st century. A recent article in Education World tells us that “For the first time, Chromebook sales surpassed 51% in the K-12 market nationwide in the third quarter, according to a recent report by market researcher Futuresource

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  • Staying Student-Centered in a World Gone Mad over Technology

    on Jan 21, 16 • in Current Events in Education, Featured, From the Front Lines, High School, Instruction&Curriculum, Literacy • with Comments

    Classroom Battle Tips- You Can Win the War (1)

    Guest Writer:By: Eliana Lipsky I am a teacher coach, professional developer, and school consultant for a few Jewish day schools in the Chicago area. I’m also a former classroom teacher who left to get my doctorate in education. I recently attended a one-day conference here with over three hundred fellow educators representing over five Chicagoland Jewish day schools. As far as I know, it was the first time these schools were coming together to learn and share. The conference was supposed to focus on Carol Dweck’s concept of “Growth Mindset”. The excitement in the room

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