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Callie is a high school Special Education Teacher in her 11th year of teaching. She is currently working on coursework to complete her TESOL certification and is an active member of her building's Cultural Committee and Building Committee.

Online Learning: Headaches and Heartbreaks and Whispers of “You’re Lagging”

You may have seen the meme on social media where it likens virtual learning to a séance: “Sally, can you hear me?”, “Bobby, are you there?”, “Knock if you can hear us”. I shared this meme with my students a few weeks ago after an incredibly frustrating week of teaching to a computer screen with [...]

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Teamwork Makes the “COVID-Dream” Work

Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year. Here you will find: rules that change on an hourly basis, not enough PPE for staff and students, continued interrupted internet connection, and limited time to use the restroom. The first two months of our hybrid model have been a whirlwind. When asked how school is this year, I [...]

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