About Shawnta S. Barnes

Shawnta S. Barnes works in Indianapolis for the Metropolitan School District of Wayne Township as an elementary library/media specialist and for Marian University as an adjunct professor. Previously, she has served as an elementary and high school literacy coach, a middle and high school English/Language Arts teacher, and K-5 English as a New Language teacher. She is also an education writer for Indy K12, a publication under the Citizen Education network.

A Conversation with Dr. Jeff Butts, 2019 Indiana Superintendent of the Year

Superintendent Dr. Jeff Butts was recently named the 2019 Indiana Superintendent of the Year by the Indiana Association of Public School Superintendents (IAPSS). He is the superintendent of the Metropolitan School District of Wayne Township, a school district on the west side of Indianapolis.  He will represent Indiana in the National Superintendent of the Year competition. [...]

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3 Reasons to Burn Reading Logs

On Twitter recently, I came across a post by Nicholas Emmanuele about reading logs.  He posted: I’ve seen the distaste for #reading logs recently.  Can someone define them for me? Is it the reading duration?  The regularity? The deadlines? The assignments attached to them? I’m genuinely curious what counts as a reading log and what [...]

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