About Shawnta S. Barnes

Shawnta S. Barnes works in Indianapolis for the Metropolitan School District of Wayne Township as an elementary library/media specialist and for Marian University as an adjunct professor. Previously, she has served as an elementary and high school literacy coach, a middle and high school English/Language Arts teacher, and K-5 English as a New Language teacher. She is also an education writer for Indy K12, a publication under the Citizen Education network.

Why School Father & Daughter Dances are Antiquated

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.  Besides being bombarded with reminders to agree to bring an item for the Valentine’s Day class party on Sign-Up Genius, parents are also sent flyers about the father and daughter dance.  As our society continues to change, our schools remain stagnant and keep hanging onto antiquated ideas. I [...]

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Teacher Attendance Does Matter, but I Still Unapologetically Take Days Off at My School

Yesterday, my fellow Indy K12 writer David McGuire Wrote, “Teacher Attendance Matters.”  As a school principal, I know he is under pressure to ensure his students receive the best education.  The heart of his piece was to emphasize how teacher absences can bring challenges to schools including student achievement.  Teaching is one of the professions [...]

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It’s the Most Stressful Time of the Year- A Teacher’s Edition

It’s the most stressful time of the year With the kids tattle-telling And everyone yelling, “When will break be here?” It’s the most stressful time of the year.   It’s the wack-wackiest season of all With those faux happy greetings and silly staff meetings When you have work to grade from fall It’s the wack-wackiest [...]

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