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What Teachers Can Learn from Naomi Osaka

Like seemingly everything else, issues surrounding the importance of mental health have been highlighted to an unprecedented level during this pandemic.  Some might consider athletes, celebrities, and influencers an unlikely source for teachable moments, but the importance of those like Naomi Osaka is the perfect real-time, relatable, and relevant stories teachers should pay close attention [...]

Would Education Collapse If Teachers Stopped Working for Free?

On Friday, the science teacher on my team rolled past my door on Friday afternoon. In hand – or on wheels, rather – were 2 carts full of spirit wear that she and her student council members created, sold, and distributed. “Only crazy people come back to school on Fridays.” When our school’s nurse retired [...]

“It’s Time To Make The Donuts:” Teaching in 2020-2021

In 1984, Dunkin Donuts released a commercial starring Fred the Baker. Fred becomes somewhat famous, and his one-liner resonated among workers who related to his daily grind-"it's time to make the donuts." As the 2020-2021 school year continues on an endless repeat, I have begun uttering: "It's Time To Make The Donuts," as I drag my [...]

Abusing Teachers is Normal: Normal is the Problem

“When we get back to normal” is the attitude helping people see through the difficulty that has been the COVID-19 pandemic.  “Mental health” and “work-life balance” are the in-vogue phrases that are used to tell teachers to take care of themselves.  Meanwhile, the calls for coverage, bus duty, hall duty, team meetings, well-planned [...]

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