It Doesn’t Have To Be This Way: When I Knew To Look For Something New

I knew I wanted to be a teacher in my Junior year of high school. This goal drove every one of my academic moves. The strengths of Education programs rooted in my college search. I sought summer jobs and extra-curricular activities imitating teacher-like roles. My holiday breaks volunteering with teachers: grading, organizing, decorating, and planning. [...]

3 Ways to Stop Ignoring the Teacherpreneur In You

If you’re like me, you have dreams and ideas outside of the classroom. It may be within education, training other teachers, or posting a “saving grace” for teachers on Teachers Pay Teachers.  Or... you could be looking to start a business to get you out of the classroom.  Whatever your path is, entrepreneurship is not [...]

It’s Time to Build A Shelf

Build That Shelf! Build That Shelf! Build That Shelf! Overwhelmed. Overworked. Help? Over the last few weeks, I’ve been completely overwhelmed. My new school district is way more demanding than any other district I’ve taught in, stateside and abroad. Not only are they more demanding, they also check, check, and double-check to make sure you’re [...]