Taking the Anxiety Out of Student Placement in Special Education

If you are like me you get very invested in your students in special education. So invested that it is difficult to release them to the next special education teacher. I teach kindergarten through third grade mild/moderate special education in a resource room, so some of my kids loop up with me the next year [...]

Civility in the Classroom and the Rise of American Fascism

Setting the Stage I am in a hotel room with three millennials: Grace, 24, Gabriel, 22, Glorie, 20. An argument is raging: How can I be civil with people who support evil? I know that’s harsh. Is your neighbor who voted for Trump evil? I’ll say no. But these young people are having none of it. [...]

For Teachers Looking for Summer Fun… Lessons From Teaching My Daughter’s To Drive

Are you a teacher looking to invite some extra excitement into your summer break? I have just the thing for you! Take on prepping two teenage daughters for their driver's license road test. My number one (Charlie Chan speak for my oldest) is 19, and conventional wisdom would have most thinking that she should have [...]

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Amidst Declining Mental Health in Teachers, What Can Administrators Do?

In 2017, a survey conducted by the American Federation of Teachers and the Badass Teachers Association indicated that more than half of the teachers surveyed said their mental health was "not good" while a survey from 2015 showed that only 34% of teachers felt this way (USA Today, 2017). Unfortunately, amongst the many teachers I've [...]

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