About Mike Dunn

Mike currently serves as the Director of College Counseling and Upper School History teacher at a small independent school outside of Philadelphia. He teaches courses in interest/career exploration, college essay writing, college admissions fundamentals, and World History. He is also the Principal Consultant for Mike Dunn Educational Consulting.

Responding to DeVos’s Negligent #SOTU19 Response

With Donald Trump’s 2019 State of the Union address in the rear-view mirror, we are left to reflect on and process the 82-minute sermon. Naturally, education received some attention in the speech, as it has for countless other SOTUs. This time, Trump shared 16 particular words about his education policy: “To help support working parents, [...]

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As a Teacher and Michigan State University Alum, I’m Embarrassed and Hurt

When I decided to attend Michigan State University in the spring of my Senior year, I was beyond excited. I was a first-gen college student, couldn’t wait to get out of my parents’ house, and was looking forward to everything MSU had to offer. Although I secretly felt pretty unprepared, I was confident enough in [...]

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Summer Break: An Antiquated Institution That Needs To Go

Summer break is an American institution. A time when students across the nation leave their intensive classes and venture off to the woods, the pool, the mountains, and the basement. For many students summer break has become synonymous with relaxation, spending time with their family and friends, camp, and heat waves. For educators, summer break [...]

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