About Mike Dunn

Mike currently serves as the Director of College Counseling and Upper School History teacher at a small independent school outside of Philadelphia. He teaches courses in interest/career exploration, college essay writing, college admissions fundamentals, and African History. He is also the Principal Consultant for Mike Dunn Educational Consulting.

Reconsidering Columbus: A Day Worthy of an Alternative

For decades, students in elementary school classes have admired portraits and sang songs telling the tale of America’s hero, Christopher Columbus. In his well-documented 1492 journey, Columbus -- enroute to India -- stumbled upon what would become the Americas; Hispaniola to be exact. The rest of his journey is...history. Somewhere in the depths of our [...]

Vampires, Honest Abe, and the Future of History Instruction

America loves its heroes. From the earliest inspirational days of explorers sailing the ocean blue and “discovering” an unruly wilderness that would become the United States, to Teddy Roosevelt and his Rough Riders, to the canonization of Steve Jobs (notably by Ashton Kutcher is this film). Without a doubt, many of these heroes deserve their limelight. [...]

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Must Reads For The Ed Reform Advocate #1: Test and Punish – A Book Review

Test and Punish, by John Kuhn Test and Punish: How The Texas Education Model Gave America Accountability Without Equity Author: John Kuhn Publisher: Park Place Publications, Austin, TX I first encountered John Kuhn’s name about a year ago while reading his article “The Pundit’s Miseducation” on The Educators Room (TER). As an education [...]

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10 Pieces Of Technology That Changed My Teaching Practice And Others That Didn’t

It is no mystery that the education world is saturated with technology. There are tools for everything from administering quizzes, to “flipping” the classroom, to facilitating collaboration, to monitoring student productivity. Of course, with this saturation comes overwhelm. The new-to-edu-tech teacher is sure to find themselves deep in the trenches of [...]

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