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Adam Sutton currently teaches 11th and 12th grade social studies in Baltimore, MD. In addition to teaching for 13 years, Adam is an avid writer, father, and husband. His work has been published from TheEducatorsRoom to The Baltimore Sun, The Chicago Tribune, and beyond. Currently, he is working on his book "Teachers Don't Get Tired" while doing his best to corral his two wonderful daughters.

Teachers Must Be Better Leaders! Less Planning and More Testing!

It’s three weeks into virtual teaching, and I’m already tired of the first unit on Economic Theory.  Being a few days behind coupled with the fact that the next unit on Personal Finance is far more exciting and interesting, I’m just going to give the unit 1 test on Economic Theory this week.  In the [...]

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Poker and Passion: An Education to Live For

“So, floating and bluffing are pretty much the same thing.”  My ears perked up in surprise that my wife was eavesdropping on world-renown poker player, Phil Ivey.  She continued, “You float to bluff and bluff to float.  Isn’t he talking in circles?” Although dumbfounded that my wife was listening while I watched Phil Ivey’s MasterClass, [...]

The Revolution is Coming and Teachers Won’t Be Replaced

As schools across the country grapple with implementing online instruction, conversations about the future of education abound.  So, it was no surprise when my buddy sent me this podcast: How To Test Out of College While You’re Still in High School.  It makes the case that college is frivolous and with some minor efforts and [...]

This Year Will Be a Lost School Year

Everyone is anxious about the upcoming school year.  Parents need and want their kids in school.  Teachers miss the personal interactions that define teaching.  Truth be told, I think everyone misses the structure and security of having schools open.  But, many people realize we don’t have control of a contagious disease ravaging our communities.  Instead [...]

When Schools Go Virtual: Don’t Blame the Teachers!

School districts across the country are making decisions about whether or not students will be attending classes in person this fall.  Last night, my district opted for virtual instruction for the first semester of the school year.  Almost immediately after the announcement what was a chorus of praise supporting teachers last spring felt like a [...]

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