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Adam Sutton currently teaches 11th and 12th grade social studies in Baltimore, MD. In addition to teaching for 13 years, Adam is an avid writer, father, and husband. His work has been published from TheEducatorsRoom to The Baltimore Sun, The Chicago Tribune, and beyond. Currently, he is working on his book "Teachers Don't Get Tired" while doing his best to corral his two wonderful daughters.

4 Ways This Teacher Is Thankful

Teachers are constantly pushing.  Pushing students to write better.  Pushing them to read more challenging materials.  Pushing them to make better arguments.  Pushing them to practice their music.  Then, when students master the task at hand, teachers find something else to improve.  It’s implicit in the job. This constant drive to grow and be better [...]

“Patriotic Education” is a Problem

Last week, TheEducatorsRoom hosted a Twitter Chat titled “Is Teaching Political?”  It was a conversation prompted in part by President Trump’s announcement of a commission--The 1776 Commission--to design a “patriotic education” program one month earlier.  At the heart of his plan is an opinion that “left-wing indoctrination in our schools" is destroying the country.  Instead [...]

Good Teaching Is Political…Or At Least It Should Be

Several weeks ago, President Trump announced his plans for a patriotic education commission, dubbed the 1776 Commission.  He simultaneously criticized teachers for indoctrinating students and urged them to focus on America’s strengths; the president has confused indoctrination and education.  Picking and choosing what history to emphasize or highlight based on how it makes the nation [...]

Teachers Must Be Better Leaders! Less Planning and More Testing!

It’s three weeks into virtual teaching, and I’m already tired of the first unit on Economic Theory.  Being a few days behind coupled with the fact that the next unit on Personal Finance is far more exciting and interesting, I’m just going to give the unit 1 test on Economic Theory this week.  In the [...]

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Poker and Passion: An Education to Live For

“So, floating and bluffing are pretty much the same thing.”  My ears perked up in surprise that my wife was eavesdropping on world-renown poker player, Phil Ivey.  She continued, “You float to bluff and bluff to float.  Isn’t he talking in circles?” Although dumbfounded that my wife was listening while I watched Phil Ivey’s MasterClass, [...]

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