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About Adam Sutton

Adam Sutton currently teaches 8th grade social studies in Baltimore, MD. In addition to teaching for 13 years, Adam is an avid writer, father, and husband. His work has been published from TheEducatorsRoom to The Baltimore Sun, The Chicago Tribune, and beyond. Currently, he is working on his book "Teachers Don't Get Tired" while doing his best to corral his two wonderful daughters.

Standards-Based Grading Must Die

For those unaware, standards-based grading is a popular evaluation system designed to simplify teaching, learning, and assessment.  It strips a student's grade down to their ability to meet the announced standards.  The idea is that students will learn more easily if teachers grade based upon very explicit and clear standards.  Moreover, by standardizing the grading [...]

For Students Who Can’t Read, Computers Won’t Help Them- But Teachers Can

Jason in my 2nd-period class can’t read.  He decodes one-syllable words alright, but anything more, he won’t get. Maureen in period 10, she can read.  Ask her a question about what she just read and she will stare blankly back at you.   Javier is in my 5th period, I’m not sure about hi.  He has [...]

The Ideal School Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

What would an ideal school look like?  My wife and I, like many educators and parents, have had this question thrust to the forefront as part of the COVID-19 crisis.  Overnight, my wife and I--both trained, veteran middle school teachers--have had to set up The Sutton School to teach our own kids. We’ve made all [...]

The Lost Identity of Teachers: The COVID-19 Story

Due to COVID-19, on Thursday evening, it was announced that all schools in my state would close for two weeks starting the following Monday.  Immediately, teachers began cloning themselves, figuring out how to recreate their daily learning experiences in absentia. Remember, a teacher’s value is their ability to listen and analyze the needs of a [...]