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Adam Sutton currently teaches 11th and 12th grade social studies in Baltimore, MD. In addition to teaching for 13 years, Adam is an avid writer, father, and husband. His work has been published from TheEducatorsRoom to The Baltimore Sun, The Chicago Tribune, and beyond. Currently, he is working on his book "Teachers Don't Get Tired" while doing his best to corral his two wonderful daughters.

Abusing Teachers is Normal: Normal is the Problem

“When we get back to normal” is the attitude helping people see through the difficulty that has been the COVID-19 pandemic.  “Mental health” and “work-life balance” are the in-vogue phrases that are used to tell teachers to take care of themselves.  Meanwhile, the calls for coverage, bus duty, hall duty, team meetings, well-planned [...]

Today’s Homeschool Struggles Are Yesterday’s In-School Struggles

“Pa-Pa!” my kindergartener yelled out as I taught 10 feet away.  “Papa!  Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!”  I looked up to see my youngest daughter red-faced, panicked, and irritated as her eyes darted from her computer screen to me to the papers scattered around her.  “I need Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the [...]

Maryland’s Governor Bullies Teachers, But This One Isn’t Lying Down

Like many states around the country, Maryland has struggled with the decisions about how and when to reopen schools.  Last Thursday, January 21st, Maryland’s Governor Larry Hogan made clear that schools in Maryland would reopen by March 1st.  Like a playground bully, Hogan threatened anyone seeking to resist his orders.  He implied a willingness to [...]

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4 Ways This Teacher Is Thankful

Teachers are constantly pushing.  Pushing students to write better.  Pushing them to read more challenging materials.  Pushing them to make better arguments.  Pushing them to practice their music.  Then, when students master the task at hand, teachers find something else to improve.  It’s implicit in the job. This constant drive to grow and be better [...]

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