About Sherlene Merritt

I am a lead education specialist working in the foremost urban school district,in an effort to reach our future history makers. I am a proven leader, mentor teacher, curriculum designer, and proven classroom educator. With nearly 8 years in the classroom, I am ready to continue my leadership of educators, as we move forward creating a culture of learning for the future.

The New Segregation

Because of the zoning of schools in Georgia and around the United States, there is a conspicuous homogenizing of students who attend the inner most city schools. Those with eyes on the educational landscape will notice that those students who are born of the city are left to attend the often underfunded and poorly supported schools, [...]

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Rethinking the Literary Canon

There have been countless discussions launched about the need to teach the historically accepted literary pieces included in the canon. Just as controversial as the discussions engendered about the canon, so too is the definition. The "canon" is defined by dictionary.com as “a collection or list of sacred books accepted as genuine.”  The very definition [...]